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Oct 15, 2005 11:10 PM

Going for the cheese, seeking recommendations in HOU

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Looking for the best sources for cheese in Houston, both retail and in restaurants.

For retail, I haven't yet found a place that cuts cheese to order and has a knowledgable cheese seller who encourages sampling. The top places I've found are Central Market, Spec's on Smith, and the Whole Foods Market. WFM has a smaller selection than the others but that wouldn't be a bad thing if I could find staff who knew more than CM or Spec's. I haven't.

Know of any better shops?

For restaurants, I'd appreciate recommendations for any place that has a maitre fromager, or the cheeseman equivalent of a sommalier. If not, at least any place that does a good job with cheese.

Although I'm mainly looking in Houston, I don't mind hearing about any place special in Dallas or Austin. Certainly, Mozzarella Cheese Co. in Dallas, which makes is own cheeses, is a mandatory stop.

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  1. I had the cheese plate at T'afia last week. I enjoyed it, but I'm by no means a cheese expert. They were all variations of a goat cheese.

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      I know this is a way old post, but I discovered Houston Dairymaids just today and was excited about how they gather local Texas cheeses and sell them at the farmers markets around town.

      You can visit them at the Midtown Farmer's Market at t'afia every Saturday from 8-12 for our selection of Texas cheeses. You can also find them at the Houston Farmer's Market every Tuesday from 3:30-7:00 p.m.

    2. Tex Nosh,

      Well I have grown fond of cheese like mold on the rind! Some suggestions are not really in the major cities but rather the producers themselves.

      Latte Da Dairy in Flower Mound (more Denton area) has great goat cheeses and sell only to two Central Markets in the DFW metroplex (Southlake & Ft Worth).

      Veldhuizen Texas Farmstead Cheese - Dublin, TX (home of the Dr. Pepper) has some great cheddars.

      Cheesemakers Dairy Farm - Cleveland, TX has both goat and cow's cheeses

      Brown Cow Productions, LLC - Hereford, TX might call to see if they have cheeses in their line yet but the website mentions they will have that option soon

      Blue Heron Farm - Field Store, TX has goat cheeses I believe these might be sold by the Diarymaids.

      Fair Meadow Farm & Goat Dairy - Hawkins, TX might call up the Pinckards to see if they have goat cheese....they have raw goat milk and yoghurt. John & Carol Pinckard - 903-769-4980

      Farm Stand Marfa - Marfa, TX has goat cheese S. Highland Ave and the Railroad Track on Saturday mornings 10am. Sandra Harper 917-215-6933

      Greenock Farms - Valley Mills, TX 76689- sell butter, ricotta, mozarella, sour cream, etc - 1141 FM 2490 - Kerri Kretzmeier - 254-836-0698

      La Cuesta Farms - Clifton, TX sells goat cheeses, yoghurts, and raw milk

      Lawson Farm - Gause, TX 77857 - County Rd 264 - Peter Lawson - 979-279-9359 sells all types of produce, eggs, goats milk and cheese

      Leche de Tejas Gaot Dairy - Chandler, TX sell raw goat milk and cheese

      Manor Farmers Market - Manor, TX has locally grown produce, eggs, grass fed/organic meats, flowers, herbs, and dairy products

      Pope Pastures Farm - Brashear, TX has free range chickens and goat cheese

      Pure Luck Texas - Dripping Springs, TX (can pick up some BBQ at Salt Lick!) has gaots cheese among a plethora or herbs and produce....certified organic

      Ringer Family Farm - Smithville, TX goat cheese

      Rose of Sharon Acres - Maud, TX goat cheese & soap

      Summer Gold Farms - Ennis, TX goat cheese Need to turn on the pop up blocker

      Twelve Gates - Kingsbury, TX goat cheese

      Earth Mother Farms - Beasley, TX goat cheese

      Local Harvest is a good way to find locally produced cheeses and dairy products if you would like to take a weekend trip to some of the farms. Hope this helps out!

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      1. re: soulslinger

        All your suggestions are breathtaking! Awesome job on gathering all the local TX cheese producers!!
        Have you tried them all?
        I'm surprised how much goat cheese Texas produces...I had no idea! :)

        1. re: cookieyumyum

          I actually forgot Lucky Layla in Garland and Cheesy Girl in Sealy Haute Goat Creamery in Lubbock, and Cou Rouge Cheese Co. also in bad.

          I have tried Lucky Layla/Moo Cheeses ( I like the butter and Oaxacan), Latte Da (great herbed goat), CKC (baby blue...awesome blue for Texas!), Mozza Co (smoked scamorza and hoja santa....mmmmm), Veldhuizen (pretty tasty a way until the surpass Montgomery Farms from Neal's Yard in England), and La Cuesta (has just a simple plain chevre that I like). I have not tried them all but a good majority of the ones that you can find at Central Market or locally in Dallas. I did not mention Chateau de Fromage in Dallas b/c I found that her website does not work and she had cut her hours on her retail shop about 3-4 months ago. I am not sure if she is still in business anymore?

        2. re: soulslinger

          The feta from Earth Mother Farms/Anala Goat Company is out of this world.

          1. re: zorra

            Thanks for the report zorra. When I am Houston next I will try to make a trip out there. So far the feta at Latte Da Dairy here in Flower Mound is my favorite. It happens to also be just a few miles down the road (about 3 miles)

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              I haven't actually been out to Beasley, but Earth Mother sells at some of the Houston-area farmer's markets. i first saw them at the Sunday farmer's market in Richmond. We used to get their cheeses and kefir through our co-op, but there weren't enough regular orders to make it worth their while. :(

              Cheesygirl, from Sealy, has good goat cheese too, and their products are sold at Whole Foods, at least at ours in Sugar Land.

        3. Houston Dairymaids are out at the farmer's markets and they carry a variety of cheeses.
          There is The Tasting Rooms which serve some of the best local cheeses: cheesy girl, Veldhuizen farms, and lots of imported stuff. they also have a huge wine selection and are on the edge of expanding what they do. They hired some hot shot from Cali. You definitely should check them out. They are in Uptown Park as well as over in River Oaks.