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Dec 12, 2013 01:42 PM

Post Wedding/reception dinner 30 under guests

Getting married in Sept 2014--looking for a decent place to eat on teh strip accomedating 30 ppl $30 a head or less. im already on a budget. No mexican or cheesy reseraunts. please any help. i want elegance on a budget lol. Thanks

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  1. Are you looking for lunch or dinner? If you're looking for dinner you may want to reconsider your budget.

    1. nikole.....Are you including tips for all the servers needed for a party of 30 as well as house wines or beers?....I would be overly concerned if any restaurant fed a party of 30 for $900 including tips and drinks. You might find a good pub that would offer "finger food" for apps and burgers/ribs and drinks; but a full, sit-down meal sounds pretty off-base....and if this forum was for any other city, I would say the same.

      1. Hi. Nicole,

        My friends got married at the Flamingo and then the party (the chapel is booked every 15 min or so!) adjourned to the bar, and a group, including the bride and groom proceeded directly to the buffet. In full dress of course which they proceeded to wear throughout the day. The party was a hoot! We took over everything and our group was everywhere. You might want to just go with the closest buffet and get a group discount. Within budget and fun!

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          I've seen many a bridal party at buffets in LV, including one at Planet Hollywood where they neglected to make a reservation, so the party was sprawled all over the place.