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Dec 12, 2013 01:38 PM

Chicago west suburban butchers

I'm looking to cater in Italian beef(sandwiches) for a crowd of 30 people. Used to have a butcher that cooked the roast to rare, sliced it thin and sold it with his au jus. I just got the au jus hot and dipped the beef in til hot. Can't seem to find anyone who does it the same way. Suggestions?

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  1. Maybe not the answer you're looking for but nearly all the popular beef places (such as Al's, Portillo's and even the legendary Johnnie's in Elmwood Park) will sell you beef in bulk (by the pound, au jus).

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      Thank you for the come back. Alright, let me drop the other shoe - I'm trying to spend less than $11/lb. The places you mentioned are first rate but pricey. My old butcher charged $6/lb and you really couldn't tell the difference. Happy holidays!!!

    2. A disclaimer first: I'm not a fan of Italian beef (I know, sacrilegious) so it's not a product I typically buy. That said, have you looked into Joseph's Finest Meats, on the far west side of Chicago (Addison, just east of Harlem)? Linked here:

      Not clear from your post whether this is sufficiently west for your needs, and I've never investigated whether they even sell au jus for the meat. But they are a great butcher, do sell roast beef cooked in-house, and very accommodating, so they may be able to help.

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        Absolutely sounds like a place I will try. Nothing like a good butcher regardless of whether its Italian beef or kielbasa. Not a fan of Italian beef? Holy smokes. Thanks you

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          One more thought is Serelli's,, located on the north side of North Ave in western Chicago (Oak Park is across the street). I've never been but I have a friend who says their homemade meatballs are very good . Looks like they are within your price point, given the volume of meat you evidently want to buy.