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Dec 12, 2013 11:55 AM

Nice teas and coffees

I am looking for top grade teas, preferably in tea bags if possible, for a friend of mine who is a tea snob. She is a world traveler and gets her best teas from London and Hong Kong.

Also, any premium coffee that I can bring back to her would be greatly appreciated

Price is not an object

Thanks in advance

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  1. Kusmi tea shop in the plaza food hall?

    1. Harney & Sons ( in SoHo have a great reputation for quality teas from a variety of regions and preparation styles.

      Fang Gourmet Tea ( is a premier vendor of high-grade Chinese and Taiwanese teas: they are #1 in NY in this category. Their annual tea expo starts @Sheraton La Guardia hotel in Flushing next week.

      I strongly recommend you visit both stores in person.

      1. For coffees i would recommend blue bottle, sumptown, and cafe grumpy.

        1. The very best teas do not make it into bags; you have to buy them as loose teas. Although it's true that these days you can get some pretty decent ones in bags; far better than it used to be. I'd venture to say that your friend might not be a true "tea snob" based on her bag use. You should meet me and my tea snob friends. :)

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            Very true.
            Interestingly, Fang Gourmet Tea may package some of their teas into bags for sale: they do it themselves. Obviously, not their absolutely best teas (nobody ever asked that), but I bought a few bags out of curiosity and they were quite good.

            1. re: diprey11

              Another vote for Fang Tea here. (One of our few good remaining options here in NYC.) Hoping to get down to the Sheraton this month.