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Dec 12, 2013 11:46 AM

See's fudge

I asked this on another thread, but it might fit here too.

Does anyone know if See's fudge is the real thing, not a melted chocolate chip/marshmallow crème sort of confection?
I've made real fudge and you cook it to a certain temperature, then stir until it starts to "set up", quickly spread in a pan, and then it hardens. Is See's fudge made like that, anyone ?

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  1. it's the not the real stuff,sniff.

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    1. re: hetook

      Thanks, I like many See's items, but I know now I wouldn't want the fudge.

    2. I've been making fudge for most of my life…taught to me by my grandmother.
      See's white fudge with walnuts is the only one I'll purchase.
      The rest of their fudge tastes like that stuff people make with marshmallow fluff.

      1. I love See's. love love love.
        But that "fudge" is nasty- nothing even close to the good stuff my mom makes.
        Its "wet" and sticky-gooey, like the center of under cooked brownies.....