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Dec 12, 2013 11:01 AM

Local Flavor Baton Rouge Lafayette and Opelousas

Can you recommend some humble local places which are not fancy or trendy?

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  1. Bergeron's in Port Allen, Webster's in Cecelia, ma Mama's Kitchen in New Roads (good oysters Bienville, excellent turtle soup), lots of stuiff on I-49 between Opelousas and Lafayette. Of course, Best Stop, Don's for boudin, headcheese, sausages.

    1. Hard to find a fancy, trendy place in Lafayette and environs! Try Poor Boy's Riverside and Don's in Lafayette, Soops in Maurice just to the south for a plate lunch daily special, and Shucks in Abbeville a little more south for oysters. Johnson's Boucaniere in Lafayette for boudin or grocery store NuNu's in Maurice or Milton for boudin.

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        How about in Baton Rouge itself. Any old, long running classics?

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          Some possibilities for Baton Rouge might be The Chimes or Sammy's for local seafood (and poboys, hamburgers, etc.), a unique version of pizza at Fleur de Lisle, or European from Pinetta's on Perkins Road. Any specific tpe of food you're searching for??

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          I ran into NuNu's cousin yesterday and he didn't even bring me any boudin! How inconsiderate....

          1. re: hazelhurst

            I ate at Chimes, George's, Bergeron's, and Mikey Donut King in Opelousas and loved them all. Thanks.

            1. re: taiga

              Great choices! Glad you enjoyed your visit / dining!

        3. In Baton Rouge, Mason's on Jefferson is great and they have all you can eat fried catfish on Wednesdays.