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Dec 12, 2013 10:39 AM

Chairman question about ordering fish

Just got a response from Danny from The Chairman about what fish they are able to get that is in season and good.

臘腸斑 (white-line grouper, slender grouper) and 花英班, both wild from South China Sea.

The price is HK $ 60 一両. I am terrible at the old method of weights.

But let's say I get a fish that can feed four, what would that run me for those who have had these varieties of fish? It's not like I can pick one by exact weight, so need some approximation of what this will end up costing us.

And for those who have had both, which of the two do you prefer and do you have a favorite method beyond clear steaming? For white line/slender grouper, Chairman appears to steam the body parts all chopped up and separate.

The biggest downer is that they cannot do the pork lard steamed egg, dried oysters, or 酥炸獅頭魚 (a variety of fried fish).

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  1. One 両 is 1/16 of a 斤 (gan). One 斤 is about 1.33 lb. So assuming 1 lb of fish can feed two, you are talking about 1.5 斤. Which will set you back about $1,500 HKD.

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    1. is 獅頭魚 a type of fish, or a way of frying it (analogous perhaps to "squirrel" fish? 獅子頭 are of course giant pork meatballs.

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          This is the 'Fried Yellow Croaker' dish we ordered at 'The Chairman' during our annual Hong Kong Chowmeet there, a couple of years ago.
          Similar dish at CWB's 'Fan Tang' the following day - Luncheon Chowmeet

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            So Charles, am I looking at a minimum of HK$1500 for a whole steamed fish that feeds four @ The Chairman, or is it it closer to $1800? If it is at those prices, I think I'll just get a whole kinki shioyak from Hokkaido at a nicer local Japanese restaurant instead, better value!

            1. re: K K

              Hello K K
              Your definition of 'whole steamed fish' can be a huge mine-field!! All depends on the type of fish they offer. A more common Tiger Garoupa can be had for $800 at most places like Above & Beyond or Ming Court even. Genuinely 'wild caught' ones will see the addition of another digit to the price!!
              Also, how much your party of 4 adores fish is a huge governing factor! In the case of my wife and I for example. Since we both love 'sea fish' especially fresh ones from European waters, we can devour a 2 pounder+ easily without problem!! ( this 2.25 pound Strawberry Garoupa from Portugal we had last week was eaten by the two of us in one go! )
              Just like a car! Price depends on whether its a Chevy or Cadillac!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Thanks Charles. I'm referring specifically to what Danny offered, 臘腸斑 (white-line grouper, slender grouper) and 花英班, both wild from South China Sea at HK $ 60 一両.

                So I guess I am indeed looking at a minimum of $1500 to $2000 for one order for us if it ends up being a pound or more. Also exactly how bad we want to try these fish and spend top dollar for it...which at this rate doesn't seem worthwhile (as great as it might be). But I will talk to Danny in person next week anyway to find out, then make a final decision.