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Dec 12, 2013 10:32 AM

Holiday Gift Ideas

Apologies if there's already a current thread for this topic but when I searched I only found old threads.

Anyway, I'm looking for gift ideas for a my brother and sister in-law. They are tough bc they live in the Napa Valley, work in the wine industry and have access to lots of high end, high quality food and ingredients. I'm only getting them something food related bc I can't think of anything else. And while I love to get gift certificates, this family doesn't do that. So trying to think of a "thoughtful" give for around $100. Any ideas would be appreciated. Oh, and the sister in-law is a vegetarian.

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  1. Would a cookbook be appreciated? There are always lists of the newest popular titles around now.

    At that budget, you could get a couple of books, such as Alice's Simple Food and Simple Food II or Ottolenghi's Plenty and Jerusalem, or his first that has been re-released with American-non-metric measurements.

    Or something like a tool and related book, for example a Cuisinart ice-cream maker and a David Liebovitz or Jeni's ice cream recipe book.

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      Those are great ideas, foodeye. I was also thinking maybe a citrus tree, olive tree, or bay tree might be nice if they have space and interest.

      1. re: BAnders

        Fabulous ideas! Brother-in-law runs an organic garden program at the winery he works at so he's set at home with all the trees, but I know my mother-in-law would appreciate the olive tree so thank you!

        I looked up some recent books and I think the Cowgirl Creamery cookbook will be perfect. Any ideas on the tool that I could buy with it? I bought them a cheeseboard/knife set last year...