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Dec 12, 2013 10:28 AM


My wife and I went out to Bottega 1729 last night- near Charles Village. This is a new gem that everyone should try. I hate to post it here, because it may become difficult to get a reservation. Truly excellent Tuscan food that exceeds anything I've had in Baltimore. Exceptionally vegetarian friendly. This is an awesome new place that is well worth a visit.

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  1. Thank you.
    It looks (from Yelp pictures) lovely, but there is no menu on their website (they have a "frequently changing menu"). It says its BOYB - yea and only 15 seats. Wow. What did you have?

    1729 Maryland Ave , Baltimore MD
    Tuesday - Wednesday 5pm-10.30pm
    Thursday - Saturday 5pm-11pm

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      we had to start a mushroom crostini, which was delicious, a kale salad with slow cooked egg- one of the highlights- wish I could make this, and a porchetta, which was also good, but probably not as good as the other two. For a pasta we had a butternut tortelli and a tomato papparadelle . Both were very nicely done with excellent homemade pasta. For a main we had a leek tart, which was good, but maybe a little greasy. For dessert, we had a phenomenal salted chocolate caramel cake an an interesting panna cotta with chestnut honey. The cake was amazing, the panna cotta was a bit floral for my taste, but was good. Service was excellent, and atmosphere also nice for a very small place. This is the best new restaurant I've been to in Baltimore in quite some time.