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Dec 12, 2013 10:14 AM

Jamie Oliver at Sobeys

I bought some of the Jamie Oliver brand Indian Style Dahl Dip at Sobeys and it's great. No funny ingredients, low fat and with a spicy and delicious lime pickle on top. Has anyone tried any of the other JO products?

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  1. I tried a Walnut and Red Pepper Pesto and it was super bland.


    I'm not hating on JO. I'm a big fan. But that product was no good. Would be interested to know what is good in his line, so nice thread idea.

    1. Wagjag has an offer for his spices, a lot of them look very interesting.

      1. It isn`t just Sobey`s that carries his stuff. I also got something at Fiesta Farms in Toronto. It was a corriander nut pesto (I forget what kind of nut right now!). Was really good.

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          True, I got my pesto at Kitchen Table. Also seen them at some Shoppers Drug Marts.