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Dec 12, 2013 09:06 AM

good tortilla press

I need to buy a good tortilla press in Seattle. Any tips?

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  1. I'd think Sur La Table would carry a good high-end cast iron press, but they may be expensive if your use profile is occasional.

    I've occasionally seen less expensive aluminum ones at Target.

    In either case, give a call first.

    1. I've seen Garden-variety Mexican pot-metal tortilla presses at the Mexican groceries on Pike Place and the kitchen store in the indoor mall down the block in the mall behind Jack's. El Puerco Lloron makes tortillas on these. Go watch her for a half-hour or so there. She's fast and that press is flying. Cast-iron or beautiful wood can't touch this full-production light-weight press with the aid of a cut-open clear poly produce bag or ziploc.

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      1. re: mrnelso

        Sad to report El Puerco Lloron is no more. Permanently closed. :(

        1. re: terrier

          What! When did that happen?

          Edit: Found the info on their Facebook page. They were going to be open until the 31st but had to close before then. They're selling the remains on Craig's List. Search for Crying Pig. Maybe you could get a well-used tortilla press...

          1. re: terrier

            egad - now hold on to Zacaggni's

        2. Thanks everyone.I ended up with a cast iron press from Bed Bath and Beyond on line,
          I am sorry to hear about El Puerco . I enjoyed it for decades.