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Dec 12, 2013 09:02 AM

Secret/hidden charming restaurant in a canyon - driving me crazy help!

Anyone know the name of this charming casual slightly crunchy vibe cafe / restaurant in some Los Angeles canyon (sorry I can't remember any details!) that basically is up in the trees with patio seating, wood decks, very adorable, and owned by a woman. Again, sooo vague I know but I remember reading about this place before and wanted to visit. I would love recommendations if other options like this exist! thank you chowhounds! -- xtina

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  1. Sounds like the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon

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      1. re: Baron

        Could be. I was thinking that too. Much more remote. Much cooler vibe.

      2. There is a place in Laurel Canyon. Pace I think is the name.

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        1. re: Thor123

          Thort123 I thought this too when I saw the name but the place I am thinking of is an outdoor restaurant! Will be roaming this area tho and Pace has great reviews. Thank you!

          1. re: xtinahb

            Inn of the 7th in Topanga may be it.

            1. re: Thor123

              Malibu cafe at calamigos ranch is really beautiful.


              327 Latigo Canyon Rd, Malibu, CA 90265

                1. re: xtinahb

                  What about Four Oaks on Beverly Glen, it has been closed for several years, although I heard there something may be opening up there.

                  1. re: bringiton

                    Not yet, although a long term lease was signed.

                    1. re: bringiton

                      God, that was a beautiful place and I had completely forgotten about it. It is a great space so how wonderful that someone is taking it on.

                      1. re: bringiton

                        Sounded like Four Oaks to me, immediately.

                        1. re: yogachik

                          Cant be. Its been closed for years. Finally going to re-open next year but the re-model has not started. Got to be the Inn of 7th Rey.

                          1. re: Thor123

                            Yep. Female owner. Overlooking the gully with all the little lights. Has to be Inn of the 7th Ray.

                    2. re: elizabetheatsfood

                      never been looks great!
                      we love saddlepeak lodge

                  2. re: xtinahb

                    Is Pace even still around ?????????

                    What's the name of the joint where girls who are pregnant go to induce labor with the salad ???????

                    1. re: kevin

                      I think Pace is still there. The Chef was a partner in the recently failed Sierrena (in the old Pane Vino space on Beverly) which wound up being a train wreck.

                      1. re: Thor123

                        Train wrecks are always fun.


                        Bad joke.

                      2. re: kevin

                        It was Caoti in Laurel Cyn, as I recall. Not there anymore but I think I read (a long time ago) that they moved to the valley....

                        1. re: susiequeue

                          The former Caoti is now Pace.
                          Pace overlapping ownership with Cheebo on Sunset Blvd not far from Guitar Center.

                          1. re: kevin

                            It is still called caoti, and the menu has barely changed (though it is still pretty good.) It is on Tujunga near Aroma cafe.

                      3. Is there any possibility you're referring to the Mt. Baldy Lodge in Baldy Village? It's certainly tree-surrounded and rather rustic and is owned by a nice lady.


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                        1. re: ArtShapiro

                          I would not consider that a Los Angeles canyon. Id you are going to Mt. Baldy, you might as well hit up one of the really cool canyon joints on the way to Santa Barbara. Cold Spring Tavern. Does not get much more rustic.


                          1. re: Thor123

                            I LOVE that place. Such a beautiful spot.

                            1. re: elizabetheatsfood

                              The Ranch House in Ojai also has wooden deck tables tucked among the trees, run by some women early herbalist types before their time, and seating runs up the hillside. Meh food, but if you are far afield, this is woodsy dining experience too.

                        2. Maybe the Canyon Bistro in Topanga.

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                          1. re: Wayno

                            Canyon Bistro is a good spot, but it doesn't have wooden decks and it's not owned by a woman.

                            1. re: ozhead

                              Well, there is patio seating and there is wooden decking above it, for the places on the second level of that complex. And it was mostly staffed and managed by women when I last was there. In any event, it qualifies for the additional recommendation that the OP requested.

                              1. re: Wayno

                                There's also Abuelitas, which has wooden decks, is in the canyon by the stream, and has funky granola types. Don't know who owns it though.