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Dec 12, 2013 08:57 AM

Savannah area favorites

Hi Chowhound!,

My family and I will be visiting Savannah soon. We are a textbook foodie family. We love the local favorites, not the tourist traps. What I need to know is the best places for things as simple as burgers to the best seafood. Also, good fried chicken places and great BBQ would be appreciated. Anything that is within an hour's radius is acceptable.


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    1. Thanks, but in all of these forums, there was only one or two recommendations that fit my criteria. I still need other BBQ restaurants and some fried chicken places. Also, I'm looking for places that have been around for a good amount of time and are local institutions.

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        Crystal Beer Parlor, Johnny Harris' BBQ, Masada Cafe at United House of Prayer, Clary's Cafe and Mrs. Wilkes fit your criteria.

      2. If Jamaican fits the criteria, look up Sweet Spice on Waters Ave.

        It rall good boy.

        1. For BBQ I would skip Johnny Harris and go to Sandfly BBQ. Twice!

          1. I'm prettu sure you will not find a better smoked chicken sandwich than at Smokin'Pig in Richmond Hill, 25 minutes from Savannah. They have all the bbq standards. Right next to the gas station, just off I-95.