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Dec 12, 2013 08:43 AM

Authentic chiles en nogada - any in the Bay Area?

After following another thread about chiles en nogada and the dish as it's served at El Molino Central in Boyes Hot Springs/Sonoma and specifically Melanie Wong’s input on the traditional ingredients, and moto's recent post, my interest has increased. (sorry for the horrendous run-on sentence...)

Melanie Wong Dec 9, 2013 10:39 AM
"I'm sure one could enjoy the offering, but I'd question whether it delivers on being chile en nogada. However, I had it a year ago and the recipe may have changed.

Besides meat, was the filling studded with nuts? Candied biznaga or other dried fruits? Seasoned with sherry, saffron, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg?"

And I’m disappointed to read this post from moto:

moto 2 days ago
"...have tried five or six interpretations of the dish in this area, including the one from El Molino Central (which was enjoyable, with excellent technique in deep frying the egg coated chile poblano, and made from very good ingredients). none were taken to the level of complexity of a fully elaborated version, which you can definitely find in Los Angeles county."

I'm hoping someone in our great CH community will come forward with some info as to whether the real deal is available anywhere in the SF Bay Area...

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  1. I have had a great authentic version at Tamarindo in Oakland, but they typically serve it only as a special around Mexican Independence Day (mid-September).

    The other night there was a CEN as part of a special dinner at Comal (I have not seen it on the regular menu), but I was disappointed that the "picadillo" was ground meat, rather than chopped, and it had very little by way of spicing and fruit, the chile was under-cooked, and the sauce was tasty but was noted to be made with pecans so was not as white as it is supposed to was tasty, nonetheless!

    Here's another write-up

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      I also loved the version at Tamarindo, and yes the filling was studded with dried fruit and nuts. Unbelievably good. So much so that we returned later in the week to have it again, but they weren't serving it that night to our great disappointment. Oh! and it was also served with a white square on the side, which we *think* was candied jicama, but we couldn't be sure. It was very fibrous.

      Tamarindo, if I recall correctly, do not fry the chile.

      1. re: Torina

        the exemplary interpretation at La Casita (LA county) does not deep fry the chile. many places try to revise a chile relleno to resemble a chile en nogada.

        1. re: Torina

          I noticed on the Eat Real schedule that the chef from Tamarindo is going to do a Chile En Nogada demonstration from 6-7pm on Friday the 19th.

          I might brave the crowds to go see this.

      2. For reference, here's the earlier thread on chiles en nogada,

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          Melanie, thanks for adding the link to the other thread!

        2. The original comment has been removed