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Dec 12, 2013 08:23 AM

So undecided about New Years….

I know all the biggies -- Quince, Coi, or Top of the Mark…

But I don't need to be there at midnight and spending THAT much money.

Where to go for an earlier seating dinner - something off-radar, unassuming, and interesting?

Need some new suggestions!

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  1. You like Cafe Gibraltar, they just sent an email the other day with their NYE prix fixe menu. 5 courses with choices for each course. $85pp

    1. i have friends who have spent new year's at NOPA and greatly enjoyed it - specifically because they don't do anything special, they just serve their regular amazing menu

      1. More a party than a sit-down dinner, an event is planned at Comal:

        I cannot personally vouch for it, but I met some people who said they went last year and are going back again this year....