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Dec 12, 2013 07:43 AM

Who's been to Eataly?

What's good, what's not?

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  1. Sausages are good, nice cheeses, coffees. We've eaten there a couple of times and it was not great. It's very festive at this time of year with live demos, etc. and you might bump into BF or Lidia while you're there. Very fun place.

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          1. re: freshmanjs

            I was about to ask the same question. Is he involved in the CHI one?

            1. re: c oliver

              Are you referring to Batali's Eataly in NY? Didn't know there was one in Chicago.

              Don't know why BF was at the NY location, but there he was. Maybe he was shopping?

              1. re: sandiasingh

                This is on the Chicago board and they just opened there.

                1. re: sandiasingh

                  It's actually Oscar Farinetti's Eataly but since that would meet with a "who??" reaction from customers, he wisely brought Batalia and the Bastianich clan in as American partners.

                  1. re: sandiasingh

                    He would have been shopping (he lives in the area) as he has no association with Eataly.

              2. re: sandiasingh

                Bobby flay???? We use to LOVE watching his throw down show. It was our date night followed by DDD.Went to one of his features in SD Mexican before it was on his feature.

                These are the types of places we like to visit on vacations. Guess I should of added BF or DDD episode would you recommend in Chicago.

          2. They have an extraordinary selection of Italian olive oils and a very impressive selection of balsamic vinegars. Big variety of charcuterie, also.

            Prices are high, and the place can be a zoo. I took Italian visitors there about a month ago because they'd heard a lot about it and were eager to check it out. They couldn't get out of there fast enough. Declared it a tourist trap.

            ETA: Sorry. Didn't realize this was on the Chicago board. I was talking about the one in NYC.

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            1. re: JoanN

              If locals (and a lot of them) buy ingredients there, how is it a tourist trap? I went Saturday and bought an aged prime rib eye to cook, mushrooms to cook, prosciutto, etc. Tourist trap?

              Funny your Italian friends couldn't get out of there (in NYC) fast enough calling that one a tourist trip. The original Eataly is in Italy and Eataly stores are in several cities in Italy. The owner (Batali and Bastanich are just partner investors but not the main owners of Eataly itself) is in Italy.

              1. re: DutchOenophile

                Ha! Reminded me of "The Best of New York" awards from a 2011 issue of New York Magazine. They declared Eataly "Best Tourist Trap That Locals Love Too."

                1. re: JoanN

                  I always get my cues from New York Magazine lol

            2. Yes, sorry, talking about the one in Chicago, which recently opened, and is even grander than the NY one. As far as I know, Flay has no involvement, it's Batali and partners.

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              1. re: cajungwailo

                I see cajungwallo, did not know they opened in Chicago. I don't know that BF has any business relationship but it's def a foodie magnet. It is a tourist trap but it's really fun.

              2. I visited the NYC one a few times, but just had coffee with friends. Interesting, clean, fun, nice atmosphere... but way overpriced for imported Italian items that you can get online for much cheaper and sandwiches, coffee, food items - you can get better elsewhere.
                It's like a museum... I like to walk around, browse, enjoy, but I wouldn't want to buy :-)

                1. The good...try the gelato. the cheese selection is wonderful. as is the dried pasta selection.
                  The bad...It's very busy! And the staff needs a lot more training. They are like deer in headlights.