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Ideas for vegetable tray

I have been asked to take a vegetable tray to a bereavement dinner.

It has been ages since I have done a vegetable tray. Does anyone have any fresh ideas? I want this to be really nice.

My resources are very limited: Walmart and a small local supermarket.

Thanks for you advice!

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  1. Sorry for your loss. This recent thread regarding Thanksgiving dinner relish tray ideas may be helpful.

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      I was also going to recommend this thread; good call....

    2. In addition to the usual things, I think radishes, jicama, zucchini, and button mushrooms are delicious. Maybe endive. Cauliflower. Sugar snap peas.

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      1. I like to add marinated mushrooms, because we all love them. Also assorted olives and pickles. There are a lot of interesting refrigerator pickles to make if you have a couple of days notice.

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        1. You have three distinct options.....

          1. Grilled Vegetables

          2. Roasted Vegetables, e.g. Cauliflower or Asparagus

          3. A simple Crudites

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            +1 for including roasted veggies
            If you have limited variety of produce available this is a great way to make common veggies more appealing

          2. Are you going to include a dip? Here's a link to a thread on favorite dips.

            You'll get lots of good ideas here, but just as an aside, make sure all the vegetables are cut small enough that there won't be any double-dipping.

            Here's a link to Pinterest for arranging a tray. If you Google "vegetable tray pinterest" you'll get lots of other ideas.

            Edit: I like the idea of using hollowed out peppers as the dip containers.


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              I like to serve veggie dips in small hollowed-out cabbages, one red & one green.

            2. radishes/jicama/mixed olives/cornichons or other brined pickle/sliced peppers
              + a dip in case someone wants more flavor.

              1. I like Ina's basil green goddess dressing for a dip with vegetables

                1. I saw a rather cute one recently, in a Christmas theme. They got a large oval white plate, then arranged broccoli in the shape of a Christmas tree, with yellow and red cherry tomatoes nestled in as the "bulbs" and then cauliflower around the perimeter as the "snow".

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                    The OP says this is for a bereavement dinner, not a holiday party.

                  2. Make kimchi sandwiches, using two slices of cucumbers and a small amount of kimchi "sandiwched" in-between.

                    (And, yes, Walmart has kimchi.)

                    1. Raw:
                      Sugar snap peas
                      Cherry tomatoes
                      Roasted with olive oil and S&P:
                      Green beans

                      Lining the tray with a layer of curly kale so its visible at the outer edges is pretty too.

                      1. Assuming you mean you have been asked to make a "raw" veggie tray, or to put it in chow terms a "crudite platter", present the expected in a different way. Maybe add a few pickled/brined or roasted items.

                        First off, do not put the dip in the middle, but put a few bowls of dip around the tray or on the side.

                        I live in a rural area, so, unfortunately, WalMart is one of my few shopping options. Our local WalMart carries these ingredients.

                        In the center of the plate mound a mix of small broccoli and cauliflower "flowers" with cherry or grape tomatoes.

                        Radiating from the center, put piles of:
                        -Carrots sliced like coins, not sticks
                        -Sugar snap peas
                        -Radishes cut in half
                        -Pepper rings sliced from the multicolored mini sweet peppers sold in bags.
                        -Celery cut into 1 1/2 inch cubes, rather than sticks, because people just expect celery on a veggie tray.
                        -Cucumber slices or zucchini slices

                        -A roasted veggie option or two like green beans or asparagus, or both.

                        -Marinaded mushrooms
                        -Pitted olives, like stuffed green and some kind of black olive like kalamata.

                        For dip, consider color, flavors and texture and serve two or three - one creamy like a ranch or onion, something with spice like a curry dip or hummus, and a roasted red pepper or sun dried tomato dip for color. (I can provide recipes for the dips if you want.)

                        1. Many thanks to each of you. All the ideas were very helpful.

                          I appreciate your help!