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Dec 12, 2013 06:31 AM

Michigan meat..where to buy farm direct?

I live in Michigan and I'm looking to purchase beef, lamb, pork and chicken directly from the farm. Of course I would like all natural and ethically raised. Has anyone on here bought like this before? And if so, where? I have no issues buying whole or 1/2 animals since I have a large family. Any info would be great! I've looked at various sites on the web but actual referrals are always best.

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  1. I can't wait to hear the posted ideas. Which town do you live in? I've purchased from Back Forty Acres and John Henry and was very happy with both. But, I'm still shopping the market before making my next big move. (Both those places are far from me.)

    Free me from supermarket meat. Hate the whole thing, but I need the energy and budget planning to make my escape.

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      I live in Chesterfield which is about 40 mins North of Detroit. I usually buy my meat from Costco but I just can't stand the abuse these poor animals endure in these factory farms. If I didn't have 4 boys/men in my house, I wouldn't eat meat but a few times a year. I don't mind driving to get the product and I'm hoping to get a neighbor to go in with me. The cost up front is big but it probably only adds up to maybe a few hundred more $$ a year vs. the chains.

    2. For pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, Melo Farms ( ). They also sell at Eastern Market and the Birmingham Farmers Market. I've been to the farm and the animals are beautifully kept. The pigs are extremely friendly and tasty.

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        Yeah. I think MissMind is on to something. You should probably do a fly-by of a few big Farmers Markets and sample their ranchers' schpiel, vibe and meat. Most of the local farms which sell by the freezer quarter also sell by the steak/bird at a local FM. For instance, Hyatt Farms and others at Eastern Market.
        For me, my neighbor is twisting my arm to go in on a couple quarters of beef and pork at Old Pine Farm. I'll let you know if that comes to pass.
        PS-- The Doll family at Back Forty Acres does a nice old fashioned job with hogs, ducks and chickens. I haven't recently done a careful price analysis but I think they are real good people and I've always been perfectly happy with their product (haven't tried the beef).

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          Thanks all! I would want to be able to visit the farm..any farm that wouldn't want you out, would probably be hiding something. I will check out these suggestions. I've also come across Mid Michigan Meats which seems to be a middle man of sorts. They claim to get all the meat from Michigan farms and the prices seem ok..$700 for 100 to 110 pounds of beef (1/4) I believe. But I would rather deal direct with the farmer.

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          +1 to Melo Farms - delicious meat, very nice people running the farm.

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            Back Forty Acres farm shut down more than a year ago, so there went my Tamworth pork source. It now looks like a long favorite Melo Farms, with their Berkshire hogs, is struggling and seeking support.

        3. There's this ( ) too, depending on how far you want to get into it.

          1. Emma Acres outside of Ann Arbor. Also try local to locate arms in Michigan.

            1. Ernst Farms (pork) & Harnois Farms (poultry) both sell at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Saturdays.

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                Ernst Farms also has beef, lamb.