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Dec 12, 2013 03:56 AM

Hounders are nice!

I just wanted to point this out since it isn't a common occurrence. Chowhound is the only forum I know where ALL members are tactful and decent. I don't think I've ever seen a heated argument and even disagreeances are good natured. Well done, everyone!

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  1. I think you need to thank the mods as much as anybody for that. While we criticize them often for heavy handedness this is one area where it is a good thing.
    I also think because they keep things in check, people realize they can't get too carried away.

    I will say though that there is nothing wrong with a heated argument. You can be very passionate about your opinion yet still be civil.


    1. Davwud pretty much hit's the nail on the head, most of the ugly posts get deleted before they are viewed by the public. The Mods are diligent in trying to keep things as civil and on topic as possible.

      In addition to the Mod's though we are also somewhat of a self-policing state as well. If you find a post you find objectionable, or terribly off top, or just offensive you can flag it and write the mods a little note why you found the post inappropriate. From there it's the Mods' discretion how to proceed.

      I do hope you continue to enjoy your experience.

      1. shows how much you know, dipshit. (smirk)

        actually yes, it is by and large a respectful place. that's not to say I haven't observed occasional trodden feelings, or even (rarely) grudges.

        I think it comes down to the topic. it's food. most of us eat it every day and tomorrow is just another yesterday so there's simply no point in being complete jerks. I may find your idea of this salad to be foul and unspeakable and next you have the absolute best idea for a no-name dive. bridges: I try to never burn them. (unless I'm going for a good crusty sear).

        1. What I continue to enjoy about this food community is the near guarantee that I will log on at any point in my day and find something I have never read before. For me CH defines collective wisdom. Food speak that embraces the going with your gut attitude alongside the hard knock life lesson.

          While there are several hundred s/n's I now recognize instantly and relish their comments, there are thousands of s/n's I don't have a clue what to expect from but they enrich my day.

          I joined CH to have a good time. I never expected the joy ride.

          1. You should come by the Los Angeles boards once in a while :) We often have, ahem, lively (a.k.a. "highly moderated") debates.

            Mr Taster