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Dec 12, 2013 01:36 AM

Kauai ideas

I am the best man in a wedding in June in Kauai(north shore around princeville). I am not only looking for recommendations of restaurants and food outlets (for home cooking) but also for the buck's night.

Being best man I need to organise a bucks night The groom is not the wild/stripper type, but more of a foodie and appreciates the fine things in life. Any recommendations for both meal and activities greatly appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Are you only interested in the north shore or are you willing to drive down to the east side or south shore?

      If the groom is a big foodie, south shore (near Poipu) may make more sense for him. Contact Josselin's and see if they might be willing to do a Bo Ssam dinner for your group: moderators prefer we stay away from activity recommendations. Try a more general travel site like TripAdvisor's forums.

      Did you do a search for "north shore Kauai" or on Princeville? Lots of trip reports from the last few years:

      1. Aloha. .
        I would stay in North Shore/Princeville/Hanalei area if your going to be drinking, since Poipu is a long could always hire a driver.

        St. Regis piano bar for drinks
        Tiki Iniki for drinks and pupu's at Todd Rundgren's new place in the Princeville shopping center.
        Bar Acuda
        Med Gourmet
        Dive bar fun. .Tahiti Nui

        You bucks have fun!
        ; )

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          +1 on the pub crawl concept. I might even limit it to downtown Hanalei.

          If they drive Kuhio Hwy all around, I recommend at least 5 in the car, enough for a hoops team latahs at Kaua'i's beautiful jail, courtesy of KPD.

          If they have a designated driver or taxi van, plenty of fun/trouble in Kapa'a, too.


        2. Going to Poipu will cost you about $100 each way I think. And you must pre arrange. You can't just call a cab at late night to take you back to the north shore. Same with Princeville area. You will want to prearrange a driver if you are all imbibing.

          If you stay north, I'd suggest a cocktaiil at The St Regis and then head to Hanalei and have dinner with Kauai Ono. If it's an off night, perhaps they can arrange something special.

          You might check out what's going on at Med Gourmet, as a bit of hula is mo bettah then the other.

          Then when you get on island see what the entertainment options are and either hit the Nui or Iniki - depending on the evening vibe you'r looking for.