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Dec 12, 2013 12:49 AM

Lower fat creamy/ cream based soup recipes needed

I made a good broccoli cheddar soup Monday night for dinner and discovered I hit on the perfect lunch for myself. It was cheap, (came out to about $0.70/serving), filling, easy to reheat and easy on the to digest. It really surprised me as I am not a cream of whatever soup person. I have a plethora of recipes for all other types of soups except for cream based soups. I'd love to hear about some other good yet healthy creamy or soups .
I am also interested in alternatives to cream/milk. I make a cauliflower soup that is very creamy yet it only uses stock as the base.

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  1. When I'm dieting, I'll use fat free evaporated milk for at least part of the milk/cream. Maybe my tastebuds are dead, or all the spices I use disguise it, but I don't see that much difference.

    1. I make a number of vegetable-based soups -- curried cauliflower or butternut squash, celariac & potato, white bean & kale -- that become creamy if you hit them with the immersion blender. I usually serve them with a dollop of no-fat Greek yogurt that gets swirled in as you eat.

      1. Curried Carrot and Parsnip soup. It has a nice creamy texture just by pureeing it without any cream. If you want to add some greek yogurt, that adds a nice tang to compliment the curry flavors.

        Another trick I learned from a cookbook a while ago was to add some rice or other starch to the soup to give it a smoother texture when pureed.

        1. You know the trick to only puree some of your (veggie, bean, whatever) soup so that the base is thicker and creamier?
          I find even a little cream goes a long way. Like a tablespoon per serving. So if a recipe calls for adding cream at the end to enrich it, you can try reducing (even eliminating) it. Not so sure how flour-thickened soups, bisques etc fare with reduced cream because I don't make those.
          Coconut milk is also good in spicy pureed soups (Thai-style squash, ginger cauliflower). Used to do soy milk in place of cream for a vegan roommate. It still adds richness and kind of mellows the flavours.

          1. A puree of white beans is a great way to add a thickness and creamy mouthfeel, adjust the salt in the soup so it doesn't get bland.
            A tip from a professional cook friend convinced me to try dehydrated potato flakes as a way to add thickness and a creamy mouthfeel to soups- works great!!
            Cashew cream is really amazing- exactly like sour cream. Soak raw cashews a few hours or overnight, drain, then puree with a splash of water until it looks like and is as smooth as sour cream. I use a glob ontop as serving, or stir in at the end when soup is done cooking.
            The lite canned coconut milk is great with a lentil veg soup or a curry.

            I recently made this one (but hot) and just left out the tomatoes cucumber from the topping, it was really creamy

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              I used potato flakes to thicken the broccoli soup. I was really able to adjust the thickness.