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Sushi Nakazawa - Reservation help

Hi all,

I've been trying to land a reservation at the bar for 2 at Sushi Nakazawa for over a month now. I'm flexible with times etc and am logging on at 12:05 to land the spots as soon as they open, but to no avail. Does any one have any tips etc?

I've tried calling too - obviously to no avail.

Now with the recent NY Times review, things aren't going to get any easier for me so I thought someone on here may be able to chime in and help out.


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  1. Are you sure it's 12:05 and not midnight? I'm pretty sure I got my reservation right at 12.

    I remember this same sort of thing happening back when Momofuku Ko was getting a lot of hype.

    Unfortunately, you just have to click fast and get lucky.

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    1. re: lexismore

      Ugh, the online system for Ko in its prime was like some evil equivalent of DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak: nothing will ever approach the insanity of trying to land that resy. At least with absurd lines a la Cronut, you know if you're just willing to wait long enough, you'll get your desire...

      As for the OP, I can only suggest what I did to eventually get that Momofuku Ko spot -- camp out at a computer with a low-latency Internet connection -- as well as at Nakazawa -- find a day fewer people will be likely to go (mine was Labor Day, which was admittedly long before the NYT bomb).

    2. The website says 12:05 but it's really like 12:02 or 12:03. I lucked out and got reservations the other day.

      1. Struck out again...lol - this is getting comical

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          My husband managed to get reservations at around 12:03 the other night but when I tried at the same time every time I clicked on "reserve" it just refreshed and didn't take me to the next page. I saw a 7:15 spot but he was only able to get 9:30. Maybe try to have multiple computers/phones trying at the same time?

          I also clicked on "notify me" for the 7:15 spot. I have no idea if there is any chance of them actually notifying me, but if you're having so much trouble maybe that's worth a shot?

          1. re: jessbnjess

            Just got a spot. The books opened right at 12 a.m., certainly not 12:05 a.m. as they say. Be ready to click at 11:59! 7:30 slot was gone almost instantly, and then after I got my res (which I completed at 12:03), I refreshed and nothing was available.

            I did have the same issue as jess but I just kept clicking and finally made it to the next page.

            1. re: loratliff

              was the reservation for the next day? Also, are they taking single diners yet?

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                What do you mean for the next day? It was for 30 days out (the furthest in advance they'll take reservations).

                1. re: loratliff

                  Thanks for the explanation. I guess I won't be using the reservation online thing. I don't know how anyone can plan what they want to eat and where 30 days in advance.

                  1. re: foodwhisperer

                    We don't plan our reservations around life. We plan life around our reservations.

                    1. re: coasts

                      Me too, except sometimes life unfortunately interferes with my reservations.

                    2. re: foodwhisperer

                      Well, I don't think you'll be getting a reservation at all then... They're booking up within 2-3 minutes of opening the books for 30 days out.

                      I don't plan very many meals that far in advance, but for somewhere special (or a special occasion), it makes sense.

                      1. re: loratliff

                        Sad to read that people plan life around their reservations. I don't plan life, I enjoy life. I eat where I want, usually when I want. I will be dining at Nakazawa soon, I will report back.
                        If I need someone to join me from CH, it will be strangemd, as per request.
                        I understand, that these popular places book up for 30 days or more. Which I can't deal with .I also understand that many restaurants have "special" phone numbers for short notice reservations. I have the number at several places. I don't have it for Nakazawa. I will have to go to plan B. Call people that have connections. Probably half of the people eating there, did not have reservations but had connections.
                        i.e. Rao's , booked forever, I have eaten there only 4 times, each time because a friend had a table there.
                        Plan C: Luck , with a walk-in,,,, happens quite often . Last time was at Kyo Ya

                2. re: loratliff

                  Just missed out again. This time I saw 2 spots available, but then when I clicked to reserve, they disappeared :(

            2. No solo reservations are available as of 2 days ago. I was still awake and remembered to check at midnight. I'm getting very disappointed with restaurants that don't accept solo diners: Brooklyn Fare, Alinea, Next.

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              1. re: ellenost

                It's strange that Nakazawa didn't discourage me from dining solo there. I was told to check for cancellations and they would take me,, So I guess I'll find out if solo dining is actually possible. I want to try this place, it's been too long.

                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  If you can only score a double spot and want company, I'll go with you any time. I'm sure many others on the board would also volunteer.
                  I'd be very interested on your take once you go.

              2. Ok, so after about 2 months of intermittent trying, success was finally achieved on Christmas Eve. 5pm Friday 24th of January. Now to just secure a baby sitter...no 7:30 sittings available :(

                Merry Christmas to all!

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                1. re: r32nissan

                  Crazy! Well, hope it's an epic meal.

                  1. re: r32nissan

                    How about a report back on your meal. OK?

                    1. re: foodwhisperer

                      Definitely would like to hear about the meal, but we'll have to wait at least 3 weeks.

                        1. re: foodwhisperer

                          I know you didn't ask for a report on mine, but I'm dining there on January 16, as well as two weeks later on January 30. Will report back on both, if people are interested. :)

                          1. re: loratliff

                            Yes, definitely interested to read your reports of both dinners.

                            1. re: ellenost

                              Also, of note: I'm sitting at the sushi bar the first time (just two of us), but on January 30, I'll be with a larger party and we'll be in the dining room. I'm interested to see how the experience is different. The dining room is $30 cheaper.

                              1. re: loratliff

                                Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

                                1. re: loratliff

                                  Dining room you will be served 3 pieces at a time made by the chef on the right of the counter not Nakazawa

                        2. Sweet ... does this mean I can finally get my ass, reasonably, parked in front of Eiji again?

                          1. Have the seats been opening at at midnight eastern time for everyone? I am trying from California and am unable to see the new date become available until midnight pacific time. Two days now I have seen the new date appear right at midnight pacific but there are never available seats. All three time slots become instantly sold out.

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                            1. re: ah6tyfour

                              Interesting. You should call and ask.

                              1. re: ah6tyfour

                                I have been having a similar problem. I am in CA as well. I emailed the restaurant and they advised me that reservations open at 12:01am EST (9:01pm PST). I’ve tried multiple times, but the date doesn't change. I wonder if it is an issue with the SeatMe system. Does it perceive my computer's clock in determining when th e calendar opens up? I have had no problems securing reservations on Ko's system or Open Table for reservations at places like Per Se, Annisa, etc. from California - they seem to operate on real time. My suspicion is that this is a systemic issue with the reservation system.

                                1. re: djquinnc

                                  That was going to be my next question—I wonder if changing your computer's clock would affect it? If so, you would think people would have already started gaming the system that way!

                                  1. re: loratliff

                                    I tried changing my computer clock to Eastern time and the supposedly available date is still unavailable. If the past few days have been any indication, the date will become an available choice at midnight Pacific time.

                                    When I try to book at midnight PST, the "Not Available" page comes up instantly. No thinking, no lag, nothing that would suggest it even attempted to search for a seat. Maybe it really is something with the reservation system where East Coast people are taking all the spots at midnight EST and West Coast people are just not being shown the seats until three hours later.

                                    Placed a call today and was told rather curtly that the seats go up at 12:01 Eastern. Attempted to explain that the daily trend has been midnight Pacific, but she cut me off to explain that "lots of people are trying to get in at the same time, so the system is only letting a few in at a time". I don't think she actually grasped what I was trying to say. I sent an email out today and am waiting for a reply.

                              2. Reservations are at midnight on the dot, and they are HARD. Absolutely the hardest reservations I've ever had to get in NY. They're always gone within literally 3 seconds. I was lucky enough to get something while I was going to be in town. Even for other restaurants getting a lunch reservation at least is easy. I've never tried to get reservations for Brooklyn Fare during its hayday, but I would think this is harder.

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                                1. re: phan1

                                  Went this past March. I did some comparative rehearsing on several devices: desktop PC, iPad, and iPhone. Although there is zero scientific significance to my findings, using the OpenTable app on my iPhone yielded the best results. When it was time to reserve for my desired date (which was a weekday), I got myself refreshing at 8:59 PST and was successful in getting a 5:30 reservation at the bar for two. I think the fact that I was willing to eat so early and during the week perhaps increased my chances a bit vs. trying for a "prime" time on a weekend night. At any rate, it was worth the effort - one of the most pleasurable meals this year so far.

                                  WAAAAAYYY easier than my 45 minutes of redialing on three phones for Brooklyn Fare (which in retrospect, was totally worth the effort as well - although I might be reluctant to put myself through that level of commitment again!)