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Dec 11, 2013 08:00 PM

Local gift for 50 dollars

I need something for a family gift exchange. It needs to be local (Made or raised in Quebec) and the budget is 50 dollars. Not fois gras since I'm the only one who likes it in the family.

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  1. go to in jean talon market.

    1. Spices and condiments from La Société Orignal (

      Sweets from "La Dinette Nationale" (



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      1. re: Maximilien

        I had some of Societe Orignal honey yesterday and it is absolutely amazing.

        1. re: eat2much

          Did you buy it through their online shop or is there another stockist?

          1. re: unlaced

            I sampled it at the new Espace Pepin / La Recreation Lunch space on St-Paui West (next door to Ostaria Venti). They also carry Dinette Nationale products.

        2. re: Maximilien

          And look at that, La Societe Orignal even has a gift pack for about 60:) Thanks!

        3. The fancy tinned foods from the Naked Lunch are always popular - like luxe emergency rations, for a very cold night (like tonight). I've only given the duck smoked meat. Several places sell them now:

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            1. re: Glaff

              The place in Verdun hasn't existed for some years now, but I indicated the same link as you did. I saw them last week at JTM (two locations, the Québec product shop and Le Canard libéré, which has moved there. They only carry the two types of duck smoked meat.

              If you follow the link, there are many other retailers, and not only in Mtl.

          1. Howsabout ice wine or ice cider. Theres producers of each from Quebec and several options below $50.
            I'm fond of "Neige" ice cider, which runs $20 for a half bottle (375ml). Its an award winner made in Hemmingford.
            SAQ also has a gift pack with a 375ml bottle and two glasses for $32.

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            1. re: porker

              Yep, booze. Sortilege maple liqueurs products are a huge hit with my family, and definitely can't be found outside Quebec.


              1. re: Shattered

                They are all quebecers. It's DH's family. We are the only ones in Montreal. I am tempted to get Sortilege, but I have already given that as a hostess gift several times.

            2. There's lots of foodie things at the Salon des Métier's d'art - I bought some local cranberry products, amongst other things. The good thing is that there are a whole bunch of vendors in the same location, so it makes it easier.