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Dec 11, 2013 07:28 PM

Group luncheon downtown

I am looking for a place for a holiday luncheon for about 12 people. Nothing too fancy or expensive. Our office is near Chinatown and we need somewhere we can drive that has parking.

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  1. Assuming this is the weekday ...

    Maybe Cafe Pinot, Yxta or Izakaya Fu-ga?

      1. In the past, we've done office lunches at Mo-Chica, Mas Malo, Blue Cow, Colori Kitchen, Mendocino Farms (at 7th and Fig), Pete's Cafe, Shojin (Little Tokyo), The Farm of Beverly Hills (LA Live), and Industriel. Usually we have about 11-14 people.

            1. re: Thor123

              It is "all due respect."

              Yang Chow is close to them, has parking, and a party of 12 can probably fit on one big round table with a lazy susan for easy passing. It isn't too fancy or expensive. Get two orders of the slippery shrimp, start with the spicy wonton soup, an order of the green beans and the eggplant. A chicken dish, beef dish, pork dish, a seafood dish. Supplement with some fried potstickers or egg rolls to start, a noodle dish. Yes, it is Americanized and inauthentic, but it is exactly what the OP was asking for and should run about $20 pp with leftovers.

              Now looking at the OP's screenname, if PD means public defender, she already knows about Yang Chow -- it is a favorite of the courthouse crowd at CCB and even Bauchet (which I understand has shut).