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Dec 11, 2013 07:22 PM

Cookies with a cherry in the center


I was wondering if you use the maraschino cherries in a jar or the candied cherries in the baking aisle to put in the center of your cookies? I use the ones from the jar but they never seem to become chewy after baked.

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  1. Candied. That's why they are in the baking aisle and the maraschinos are not!

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    1. re: greygarious

      Well....that's why I asked..thanks?...

      1. re: Lilybakes1

        I find the maraschino cherries in the jar make my cookies soggy, even if I dry them well. Go for the candied ones!

    2. Absolutely candied. That's what they were made for. I put some on my spritz cookies. Very pretty!

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        1. re: Jpan99

          Does your Spritz recipe have baking powder in it?

          1. re: Lilybakes1

            I used the Wilton Spritz cookie recipe and it does have baking powder. I also made a chocolate Spritz cookie recipe that did not have baking powder. Both taste good to me!

              1. re: Lilybakes1

                It's not a huge difference but the baking powder ones spread just a little bit more and have a bit more of an airy texture. The chocolate ones are crisp and just a little denser. Of course the recipes are different even with/without the baking powder. Side by side you could tell there is a difference but it isn't a "wow, these are so different" kind of moment. If that makes sense!

                I would probably make both styles again.

        2. MIL's cherry winks use the cherrys in the tiny round tub
          (like you'd use for fruit cake)