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Dec 11, 2013 07:06 PM

Simi Valley-two holes in the wall., two holes in one!

Can you believe it? Simi Valley? Oh yes. Two small places with great food. And they are both owned by the same family and are in the same plaza.

Burger Express-They serve a variety salads, burgers and basic breakfasts but the main dishes are Mexican foods. There are about six tables inside and about four outside provided the weather is ok. They are open from 8am until 9pm (9pm weekdays for sure)

Right down the way a few doors down is Ferretiz Grill-they have more extensive American breakfasts including homemade biscuits, salads and sandwiches (and even vanilla latte.) Great food at a great price. They have only a few tables right now. Open at 7am and closes at 3pm every day.

Both places have large parking areas available. You don't need chain food in Simi to eat well and inexpensively. The owners are the nicest folks which in addition to the good food makes me want to return.

Ferretiz Grill
3200 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 522-2723
(no website yet)

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  1. Just so happens I need to be in Simi Valley today. Will give one of these a try!

    1. That is one of the weirder things I've ever encountered. I was glancing at Burger Expresses online menu and suddenly realized that the only "burger" listed on their menu was the burger patty with eggs under breakfast choices. Not even one hamburger or cheeseburger with bun is listed on the menu. I actually ran a word search because I kept thinking "Maybe I had a stroke and just can't see them." But nope. No stroke. Very strange.

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        Your post today cracked me up.

      2. Or try King's Burger in Northridge, which has burgers and a sushi counter where you can order omakase.


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          Some of their sashimi plates were quite decent.

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            don't forget that there's also a Patty Melt on the menu too.

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              Yeah, the website needs help. I chalk it up to people not being internet savy. They don't realize the importance of a proper accurate working website. I haven't used 411 or a phone book in years.

          2. I just came back from Ferritiz Grill with the Mrs. Much to my surprise another CH'er I know from an old meet had come by and recognized me so we spoke for a bit. I was flattered that someone read my review and acted on it.

            Today I had the Frisco Burger, a 1/2 lb burger on Texas cheese toast with sauteed onions, cheese and a secret sauce they make. I ordered the onion rings as my side. The Mrs had a short stack of pancakes with p'butter, her favorite. My burger was excellent, tasty and very juicy without being greasy. The onion rings were good but not anything homemade or extraordinary. My wife's pancakes were excellent in her opinion and cooked just right. The burger was $6.95 and the pancakes were $3.99 a good value in my opinion. They are open 7am-3pm every day and I will be back.