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Dec 11, 2013 05:51 PM

Wild shrimp?

Looking for wild shrimp for a classic shrimp cocktail at home. Too often I find only farm raised shrimp or huge (and expensive) shrimp/prawns in the stores around me.

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  1. The Fishing Vessel Hat Trick is coming to West Seattle farmers' market Sunday 10-2 with wild spot prawns. He usually sells frozen in 1 and 2lb blocks (he freezes them in seawater). The small blocks sell out quickly. We got some last year and grilled them and they were fantastic. The price seemed reasonable for the quality and effort expended but that doesn't equal cheap.

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    1. re: Laurella

      The Hat Trick spots are truly excellent. If they come to the University Farmers Market I'll be buying. A more available option is the largest Florida pinks from Whole Foods at about $17 a pound. Not as great as the spots but quite good.

      1. re: forkit

        I'm sorry to report that the Roosevelt WF no longer carries the kind of shrimp I recommended. They now have some different options that I haven't tried.

    2. Safeway has Open Nature brand wild-caught frozen shrimp, shell-on and shelled.

      1. Tim's Seafood in Kirkland. Pricy but wild caught and delicious.

        Line item 34.

        1. Fresh Fish Co usually has these, but they won't be cheap.
          Try Whole Foods--they have a number of kinds of frozen shrimp, and I think some might be wild at a relatively reasonable price (I'd call first though).

          Ken's Market has had spot prawns from Rosario Strait in their freezer for a while. They are delicious but $22/lb/. I'm told local spots are harder to find because the tribes get most of the allotment, and their catch tends to end up in the casino restaurants now rather than being sold off rez.

          1. Local shrimping season occurs in May. It is only for a limited number of days and hours. Fun time, but lots of work.