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Dec 11, 2013 05:43 PM

Best 3 michelin star Bar dining (no reservations)

I'll be in NYC for one night (the monday before Christmas). Planning on dining with my wife at one of the top NYC restaurants but only considering a bar option since we have no reservations except for a spot on the EMP wait list. I've eaten in the dining rooms at Per Se, Le Bernardin, EMP, and Jean Georges. Based on those experiences, EMP and Per Se are at the top of my list for potential bar options. Per Se is definitely the most convenient since we are staying near Columbus Circle. Never been to Daniel so I'm curious what people have to say about dining at the bar there. And its difficult to find any updated food menus from the bar at EMP so I'm curious what kind of experiences people have had there, especially since they switched to the multi-course $225 tasting menu in the dining room. So basically its between Per Se, EMP, or Daniel (in that order). Let me know any thoughts...

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  1. Oh, any thoughts on Picholine? Though not in the 3 star realm the menu is quite alluring and it certainly has a loyal NY following.

      1. Why is Le Bernardin not in the running?

        Both Per Se and Le Bernardin would be my choices for solo dining at the bar. And both are close/convenient to Columbus Circle.

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          Wow, thanks to your comment I checked their website and realized that Le Bernardin offers all of their menu options in the lounge. Might consider doing the four course there. Thanks!

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            The Lounge Menu at Le Bernardin is also worth exploring, particularly the Salmon Rillette and the Warm Lobster and Truffle en Brioche.

            You can also get the full Jean-Georges dining room menu at the adjacent Nougatine bar.

            Picholine is excellent though the bar is small. I still think that it's still leagues above many Michelin starred restaurants in NYC.

            I believe that Del Posto (1 Michelin star) now serves their full menu at the bar, but call to confirm since their policy keeps changing.

            I've dined at the communal table at Per Se and enjoyed it. But if your looking to duplicate the experience of the main dining room at a fraction of the price, well, it's just not the same.

        2. I've dined at the Salon at Per Se three times this year. Loved it the first two times when I was seated at a private table and the same excellent server took great care of me both times. At the most recent dinner in the Salon I was seated at the communal bar which was both weird and uncomfortable. Food was stellar all three times. Love the bread basket.

          1. We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for EMP, we just love dining at the bar. Per Se is great but it doesn't seem like true "bar dining" to me if that's what you are looking for. Le B would be another good choice for actual bar dining.