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Dec 11, 2013 04:35 PM

creamed spinach

will be cooking our big meal Christmas Eve, and trying to simplify my life. looking for recs for superior creamed spinach to-go that I can pick up that morning.

first choice is freshly made that I can warm up later (assuming it's a dish that reheats well). second choice is pre-packaged but preferably not frozen. I've seen one brand in refrigerated cheese/deli section at Ralphs but can't remember the name....Otto's or somesuch.

needs to be Westside, between BH and SM, or Sherman Oaks/Studio City.

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  1. just had an awesome spinach gratin with cream/cheese/spinach and some kind of crisp top. Came hot from Joans on Third. it was dynamite.

    1. Are there any Boston Markets left?

      1. I get the creamed spinach occasionally from the Gelson's deli case in Sherman Oaks (on Van Nuys) and Encino and it's pretty good. (I'm sure the one in Studio City has it also.) You can taste it before buying to see if you like it.

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          +1 for the Gelson's creamed spinach. Had it on thanksgiving & it was delish.

        2. I would check with Bristol Farms. They have locations in SM, Westwood and West Hollywood

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          1. re: Ernie

            I'm probably in the minority, but not a BF fan. stopped by the new superduper one in West L.A. a month ago and apart from a cool poke bar, wasn't impressed w/ their hot food selection—all looked lifeless and dried out. also find their prices higher than everyone else's.

            1. re: iOnLa

              I was thinking along the lines of their heat-and-serve selection, not their hot foods which I agree tend to look tired

              1. re: Ernie

                right. I'm doing my main shopping at Ralphs so I'd probably go w/ their heat-and-serve brand. this obviously requires some serious comparison tasting ahead of time, by which time I'll be sick and tired of the stuff.

          2. ok, thanks. it's a toss-up between Gelsons and Joans.

            Boston Market sucked the last time I tried their roast chicken/potatoes/spinach to go.

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            1. re: iOnLa

              Call ahead to order it ahead or confirm it is available that day if Joan's. They rotate their stuff.

              1. re: jessejames

                thx, and good to file away for the future.