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Dec 11, 2013 03:29 PM

Great meal at Gaido's in Galveston

Posting on Houston board because, well, a lot of Houston people go to Galveston.
So, last weekend, I went to my home town, Galveston, to go to Dickens on the Strand, which was a great time. But, that is the subject of another post, and will have to wait. Anyway, I have been to Gaido’s many times through the years, usually by way of the Pelican Club*. But, I haven’t been in about 9 years, and honestly it was just o.k. that time. I called my Dad and asked where we should go for seafood. Since it was Dickens weekend, and everywhere would be crowded, he said we should go to the Pelican club, that lately it had been good. So, 4 of us went to the Pelican club. Being oyster season, 3 of us got oysters. Two of us got the combination oyster plate, one of us getting a half dozen fried. Since the oysters were a little small, the fried oyster plate had around 10 oysters. The fourth member of our group got Snapper prepared Sapporito style (garlic and crushed cracker breading). The combination oyster platter consisted of two of each baked, ponzini, asiago, bienville, and Monterey along with a couple fried and one or two brochette. Of these, the Rockefeller and the fried were the tastiest. If you like oysters rockefeller, these were really good, with a nice hint of Pernod, I’m guessing.
I had a bite of the Snapper Sapporito . It was cooked perfectly, not dry at all and tasty with a nice light breading.
All in all it was a great meal on a par with those I used to enjoy back in the 70’s when I used to go with my family on special occasions. BTW, our waiter was very good, knowledgeable, attentive but not overly chatty.

* The Pelican Club is a member’s only club that shares the kitchen with Gaido’s. I'm pretty sure that the menu is the same.

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  1. Gaido's and Nick's next door (formerly Casey's) have been under the watch of the young Nick Gaido these last couple of years and I haven't been since that happened. I'm glad you approve and I will plan a visit soon.

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      Be sure to report back. Hopefully my good visit wasn't a one-off.

    2. We know the care the Gaido's here in Clear Lake take in the restaurant so it's never been surprising to hear that the Pelican Club continues to be very good. The soft shelled crabs and stuffed fresh flounder are the best we've ever had. We usually go every month. Gaido's is a classic and worth a visit even if you don't have a Pelican Club membership. Excellent and well managed wine list too.

      1. I agree, Gaido's is definitely hitting the mark these days. I recently had a fantastic meal in the main dining room. Some of the best prepared seafood I have had on the island. I think the current generation overseeing operations are moving in the right direction.

        1. I recently spent some time in Galveston and finally got back to Gaido's. The last time I was there was shortly after Hurricane Ike.

          I give it two thumbs up in every respect. Our server was delightful and attentive, but several others stopped on the way by the table too to check on our needs. We both ordered red snapper, prepared different ways from the list of preparation options, and both were excellent and prepared perfectly. They came with asparagus side, but I wanted to try the creamed spinach from the "sides to share" menu ($7). The manager himself brought that to the table about 3 minutes after the fish arrived, with apologies saying he had sent it back at the pass-through, since it didn't look hot enough to him. It was excellent with chunks of artichoke and a crab stock (I assume) providing a seafood flavor. The featured soup was poblano and it was spicy and cheesy and super hot (temperature) just how I like it - nothing worse than tepid soup. No room for salad, but they now have a long list of house made dressings! One of the worst oversights of the previous management was those little plastic containers of bottled dressings, ugh. The seafood is all fresh and the menu is fresh also, and reprinted often as the seafood offerings change.

          I highly recommend a return to Gaido's if you haven't been since the dark days.

          We also enjoyed a meal at Saltwater Grill, another new place for us. We shared a chilled seafood cocktail which was tasty, and served over lettuce on a small plate, each component separate, not like a campechana as I was expecting. I had the Chilean Sea Bass Shanghai Delight with bok choy and spinach, and he had the sweet potato crusted Sea Bass. Both were delicious.

          I would recommend either of these spots over Rudy & Paco's, where I had a miserably overdone snapper once, but maybe I need to give it another chance because people do rave over it.

          Finally, breakfast at B. Jigger's at the Holiday Inn Resort next to the San Luis and owned and operated by Landry's and local guy Tilman Fertitta. We ordered the Southwest Omelette, described as having taco meat, peppers, cheddar and jack cheeses and topped with salsa. Sounds good. What we got was hamburgers chopped up into pieces, mixed with the liquid eggs, folded over and topped with chunky marinara sauce and cheddar. Edible, but odd and not at all what was described. I know there are some Landry's defenders here, but this is the experience I have had more often than not at the Landry's establishments, with the exception of Vic & Anthony's and Brenner's.

          Anyway, good time in Galveston! I actually prefer to visit in the winter.

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            Thanks for the report. Have you ever been to the Olympia grill? Friends report that it is good, but haven't been in about 10 years, to the original location. I remember liking it.

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              Yes, it is a great place to eat in Galveston, both locations. We take friends to the harbor location because of the great views of the cruise port and lovely deck, as well as the great food. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays is relaxing and affordable. Love Olympia Grill!