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Montreal Italian restaurants?

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Montreal Italian restaurants?

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  1. Amelio’s, 201 Milton
    Bocci Resto, 1756 Dollard LaSalle
    La Grotte Des Fromages, 4919 Jarry E
    Impasto, 48 Dante
    Inferno, 6850 St Dominique
    Marchigiani, 1715 Thierry, LaSalle
    Cafe Milano, 5190 Jarry E
    Momesso's, 5562 Upper Lachine
    Pizza Nino, 6588 Monk
    Il Pagliaccio, 365 Laurier O
    Pasta A GoGo, 8079 Henri Bourassa
    Scarpetta, 4525 Parc
    Via Pizza, 4711 d'Amiens

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      Hey EaterBob,
      I don't know if I already covered this...
      Only because you mention Lasalle's Bocci, I'll kick in my 2c: I prefer their cousin's resto Campagnola down the block. Nothing wrong with Bocci (they recently added tapa-sized, inexpensive plates to their menu), but I simply like Camp's homey flair (and BYOB).

      1. re: porker

        They blipped on my radar because of an article I read that mentioned in passing they they occasionally catered for the visiting teams at the Bell Centre.

        I will try Campagnola as well.

    2. Are you looking for an Italian spot in any specific part of the city or any particular budget? EaterBob's list has some good spots but they range from $10/head at Momesso's and Milano to $50+ at Impasto.

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        people actually consider Momesso's to be an italian restaurant?

      2. Italy is a big country with a wide range of cuisines. So what area of Italian cuisine are you interested in?

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          Do we have regional Italian restaurants in Montreal?

          1. re: SnackHappy

            East vs. West Side of St-Laurent style and Laval vs. Longueuil style of Italian cuisine


            1. re: SnackHappy

              I would defer to Italian members and those expert in regional Italian cuisine who are on this board for an answer to this. I just posed the question to the original poster in case there was a particular region of Italian food they were interested in.

              I would ask the same thing if someone posed a question about Indian food as there is a marked difference between southern Indian cuisine and more northern cuisine. The same goes for Chinese, French, etc.

              1. re: williej

                Short answer: Yes.

                Longer, more nuanced answer: It appears that after a day bbu88 isn't interested in a discussion, or in finding more help. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that they ended up at one of the following: Ridi, Buonanotte, or Le Latini. Or the other people they were dining with decided that everyone should go someplace else, like Deville Dinnerbar.

                1. re: EaterBob

                  "...bbu88 isn't interested in a discussion, or in finding more help. I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that they ended up at one of the following: Ridi, Buonanotte, or Le Latini. Or the other people they were dining with decided that everyone should go someplace else, like Deville Dinnerbar." - Likey.

                  So it looks like discussion is up to us lackeys.
                  I notice Venti is not mentioned. We ate here a few years back and were very impressed. We never made it back for no apparent reason, but I hear things are not the same (now lacking or inferior). Comments?

                  1. re: porker

                    I liked Venti very much. I heard that Chef Forgione left Venti to start Impasto with Stefano Faita.

                    Didn't go to impasto but its on my list.


                    1. re: CaptCrunch

                      We were at Impasto back in October and we loved the place. Had a seat at the end of the bar with a full view of the kitchen area and had a wonderful time. I'd recommend it to anyone and I'm eager to return.
                      Being a hot ticket, its somewhat difficult to snag a table on short notice, though.

                2. re: williej

                  In my experience, there aren't any too many restaurants in Montreal who specialize in cooking styles from specific regions in Italy. There used to be Caffe Della Posta which was Sicilian, but to my knowledge, that was it. Most Italian restaurants I've been to seem to only serve "North American" familiar Italian dishes and don't really venture in traditional region-specific menus, with the exception of some dishes here and there. Anyone here can correct me if I'm wrong!

                  1. re: chefjeannine

                    Scarpetta on Parc Ave. is supposed to be Sicilian.

            2. Il Cortile, 1442 Sherbrooke O. near Bishop
              Doesn't get mentioned much on this board, dunno why that is. I think it's fantastic.

              In the budget dept: Elio's, 351 Bellechasse

              1. I would recommend Le richmond located in Griffintown. It's new but the reviews are great. I went there twice recently and had an amazing experience.
                I find it particularly good because it's not always easy to catch a place with great food but with an awesome ambiance as well.

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                1. re: itsbanana

                  Thank you. I have just booked a table. I can't wait!

                  1. re: itsbanana

                    Curious how they outsource their steak, not doing it in-house...

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                      Went to Le Richmond, Griffontown, Montreal, yesterday, 16 Aug 14, on recommendation of Hilton concierge and follow up confirmation with internet check. Once and done. Too bad as the concept is great, space is wonderful but downhill from there. The overriding issue was the music, loud, electronic dance with a driving beat. Would not have been bad music in the right place but atmosphere destructive here. The primary reason for not returning. Nobody would have noticed a change to a less acerbic choice. The atmosphere was lively and would have been with any music.

                      The grilled octopus had potential but was tough. Serving large tentacles requires a tender octopus. This had nice flavor but required real effort to cut, then chew through. The accompanying mayo was nice but to sparsely plated to be helpful. The asparagus on polenta bread with wild mushrooms was okay. Bread could have been more heavily grilled but the mushrooms were tasty. Okay but nothing special.

                      The entree was pappardelle with veggies and dried tomato pesto. The fennel and carrot were thinly sliced with a peeler and matched nicely with the pappardelle. The sauce well-flavored with a little kick. Unfortunately, there was a bit of an unusual taste from something. Not bad but not good. The pecorino would have been better grated rather than shaved. Again, acceptable but not worth subjecting yourself to the noise.

                      The bright spot was the ricotta panna cotta. Rhubarb, raspberry gastrique, and panna cotta. Great mix of flavors, sweet, tart, light, everything a dessert should be. The pickled rhubarb was so-so but the compote was lovely.

                      In all, passable but not going back. Change the music and might reconsider.

                    2. can't believe da emma was not recommended. Must try place located in the old port, very good atmosphere and many celebs have been there.

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                      1. re: stephanieoz

                        Indeed, recently Terry diMonte tweeted about a bad meal and even worse attitude there and vowed never to return.

                        1. re: eat2much

                          I don't know about Terry but Da Emma is a pretty well known institution and rightfully deserves to be on any italian restaurant list in Montreal!

                          1. re: CaptCrunch

                            I wouldn't just go to a restaurant because celebrities go there, though.. I do know Da Emma is a good place on its own without the celebrity cachet!

                            1. re: williej

                              I know relax I'm just saying it's something interesting that you don't see everyday