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Dec 11, 2013 02:20 PM

Poire William from Switzerland, to buy in Vancouver


Anybody know where I might find Poire William in BC? preferably in Vancouver.

the tricky part is,

it has to be from Switzerland, with Pear in the Bottle.

Thanks guys

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  1. According to the VQA website, it's available at the following BC Liquor stores in Vancouver:

    28th & Main 6
    39th & Cambie 13
    Alberni & Bute 14
    Cardero 6
    Jericho Village 2
    Kingsgate Mall 5
    Yaletown 3

    The numbers correspond to how many bottles they have on hand.

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    1. re: StarryFork

      The OP needs a Swiss bottle but those are French.

      1. re: mayonegg

        They also said pear in the bottle. The only Swiss brand I'm aware of is Etter (dunno if it's found here) does not have a pear in the bottle

        1. re: kinnickinnik

          Bon Pere is one famous Swiss brand that does the pear-in-bottle (no idea where to find it here, though). I'd be surprised if there weren't others.

          Edit: in case it helps your search, here's another brand: Morand.

    2. I can confirm I've seen it in the tiny Yaletown BC Liquor store, behind the cash.

      1. i realize this isn't the exact product you OP are looking for - however, for others, they may be interested in the Okanagan version - no pear in bottle tho -

        there is also a proposal on the table to open a tiny specialty distillery in Naramata ---- in the former doctor office ;