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Looking for store-bought Lasagna in lower westchester

I'm hosting Christmas eve dinner and I don't have time to make the lasagna. Any really good places to buy it in lower Westchester? Close to Larchmont would be ideal...

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    1. My Italian friend told me that Costco frozen is surprisingly good. She's a great cook so I believe her.

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      1. A. Mercurio in Mamaroneck. I haven't had the lasagna but my husband loves the lobster ravioli and I like the eggplant parmesan. And although we don't celebrate Christmas, we usually get food from there for Christmas eve!


        1. I would check with Tarry Market

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            every time i go into tarry market, planning to treat myself to something special- i usually leave empty handed-totally shocked by their prices. i have tried a few items and they are good but not shatteringly good as i would expect for those prices.

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              The only thing I get at Tarry Market is the roast beef wedge, prime rib cut to order on a roll. It's $10 but large and worth it compared to deli roast beef for just a few dollars less.

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                Lidia's pasta is well priced, IIRC.

              1. Fairway lasagna is not very good, IMO. Try J & G Deli in Bronxville.

                1. mercurio in mamaroneck or a&s in rye brook- either one should work although i find a&s pricy- it is usually very good.park deli in port chester normally has it and they are also very good. any of these should probably be called first, ps what time and what address(?).(LOL) hope you have a good party and holiday

                  1. *L* this is probably too late ,but i was listening to wfuv and they were asking people what they were preparing for christmas. One person had done all their shopping on arthur ave. including lasagne from borghese (sp.) and another was having the ultimate lazy christmas- stauffers frozen lasgne and cohens pigs in the blanket. Two more ways to get lasagne

                    1. Thanks everyone. I went with A. Mercurio in Mamaroneck. I ordered three trays of Lasagna, meat, meatless and spinach. Plus garlic bread. Big thumbs up, it was all really yummy. Ordering from them will definitely become a Christmas eve tradition for us. I'm going to have to try some of the other pastas over the course of the year so we can switch up the selection next Christmas.

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                        Thanks for the update. I will consider them myself for next year!

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                            It wasn't too cheesy, which is one of the things I hate about some lasagna recipes. Tasted just the way my mother used to make it (who learned it from her grandmother who grew up on Arthur Ave, of course!).

                        1. Thanks for sharing. It's good info to have for the future, either for special occasions or when I just don't feel like cooking. ;-)