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Dec 11, 2013 11:00 AM

Looking for store-bought Lasagna in lower westchester

I'm hosting Christmas eve dinner and I don't have time to make the lasagna. Any really good places to buy it in lower Westchester? Close to Larchmont would be ideal...

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    1. My Italian friend told me that Costco frozen is surprisingly good. She's a great cook so I believe her.

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      1. A. Mercurio in Mamaroneck. I haven't had the lasagna but my husband loves the lobster ravioli and I like the eggplant parmesan. And although we don't celebrate Christmas, we usually get food from there for Christmas eve!

        1. I would check with Tarry Market

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            every time i go into tarry market, planning to treat myself to something special- i usually leave empty handed-totally shocked by their prices. i have tried a few items and they are good but not shatteringly good as i would expect for those prices.

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              The only thing I get at Tarry Market is the roast beef wedge, prime rib cut to order on a roll. It's $10 but large and worth it compared to deli roast beef for just a few dollars less.

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                Lidia's pasta is well priced, IIRC.