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Oct 12, 2005 11:09 AM

Del Rancho Steak Sandwiches?

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Does anyone know anything about a fast food place called Del Rancho Steak Sandwiches? There is one opening in Allen and I have never heard of it before. I'm wondering if it would be worth a visit. All comments would be appreciated.


Mr Bean

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  1. used to love me some Del Rancho Steak Sandwich Supremes when I was in college in Norman years ago (early 80s). They are basically a deep fried chicken fried steak sandwich on a bun. Terrible for you, but very tasty to a 20-something year old. Haven't had one in years.

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    1. re: ftf

      Thanks ftf. Sounds like I'll have to try one when they finally open, but my cholesterol won't let me do any after that.

      I appreciate your input.

      Mr Bean

      1. re: Mr Bean

        Del Rancho is a small, Oklahoma City based chain that is known for large chicken fried steak sandwiches. They also have decent hamburgers, hard fried burritos covered with chili, and hot link dinners. They put relish on the hamburgers unless you request for them to leave it off. If you like fast food, Del Rancho is pretty good but more expensive than most fast food.

        Bigray in Ok

        1. re: Bigrayok

          Thanks bigray. I appreciate the info and will be watching for it to open.

          Mr Bean

    2. I grew up in Moore, OK. My family had Del Rancho steak sandwich night every Thursday. Every time I go home for the weekend I eat a Del Ranch steak sandwich or dinner. I have been living in Texas for a few years and there is no comparison. I will be looking for the one in Allen. Anyone know where and when?

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        The Del Rancho is now open in Allen. Location is on east McDermott between the Sonic and Braums. I went there last week and I have to admit I was less than overwhelmed. There was a copious amount of steak on my sandwich, but the bun was dry and tended to fall apart. Plus, the steak wasn't as tasty as I had hoped. Service was kind of confused, but this can be explained by the short time they had been open. My spousal unit had a hamburger that was also less than stellar. Much inferior to JC's Burger House in Allen, according to her. I had onion rings that were ordinary at best. Too bad - I was hoping for a lunch alternative that was different from the chain fast food places.

        Mr Bean

        1. re: Brandon

          There is a Del Rancho in Allen was just recently built

          1. re: Brandon

            You should wait a couple of months after a place is open so they can work out the kinks. We go all the time. The burgers are charbroiled not cooked on a grill. Maybe that's what you didn't like. The steak sandwich is very tasty and I love their onion rings - they are much better than most places.

          2. They have very good food. I grew up in OK and now live in McKinney. I tried the new location in Allen and it was just as I remembered. Good burgers, decent variety and the chicken fried steak that no-one else has.

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            1. re: OUgrad

              I agree. Their chicken fried steak is the best I've had. My wife is addicted the the crispy chicken sandwich.

            2. Mr. Bean

              I grew up in Oklahoma City and also on the Del Rancho Steak Sandwich Supreme. You are lucky to get a Del Rancho, the food is very good and you get an extremely large portion. You will love it! Everytime I visit OKC, I stop at Del Rancho.