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Dec 11, 2013 10:58 AM

Winterlicious Menus are up

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  1. I know Winterlicious is usually a disaster and a half in terms of quality and service. Looking at the menu, I will admit some are tempting.

    Café Boulud, Momofuku Daishō, Parts & Labour, Sassafraz, Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill (30 raw oysters and clams for $35 dinner!), and STOCK Restaurant have the most interesting menu to me.

    Whether or not it's worth to subject myself to potential bad service and haphazard quality, I dunno :)

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    1. re: Nevy

      I've done it and the issues you've mentioned are simply not worth the savings to me. It's never the same experience, hence the discount.

      YMMV of course.

      1. re: Flexitarian

        I wonder if the Winterlicious experience at more tenured (and less popular/trendy at the moment) places are better. I've always had amazing dinners at Starfish. Long ago, I used the 'licious' to explore new places but I quickly realized after my 2nd disaster experience that it's a really bad way to try a good or even great popular restaurant. The only ones that weren't so bad was Auberge and Canoe.

    2. We usually only go to lunches. Over the years, we have found the food to be pretty good and the service outstanding. Maybe it is because the waitstaff are used to serving lunches, in a more brisk mode.

      The dinners we have been to have been adequate, with a variety of loud music, slow service, tepid food -- usually something is wrong.

      We don't go to the 'licious dinners anymore, just lunch -- where we can concentrate on the food.

      Tip: Pangaea is open all day, serving a great winterlicious lunch until 5Pm -- go early, and save money.

      Also -- 'licious meals are costed out so you basically get a free dessert. We almost always just take the pannacotta or the cheese option.

      1. Interesting that AMEX is no longer a sponsor and it is being sponsored by Interac. I guess it is better for the restaurants to promote people using Interac instead (less fees) but no more front of the line reservations for AMEX holders (or anyone it seems)