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Mexican Breakfast in Austin on Weekends

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I will be in Austin for 24 hours soon, and I am looking for a Mexican breakfast place: good handmade corn tortilla is a big plus,. I am staying in the downtown area but can go the distance for good authentic (no flash ...) Mexican that is open on a Saturday morning.

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  1. Las Manitas on Congress.

    1. Juan in a Million at 2300 E Cesar Chavez St (that's where you'll find me) or Joe's Bakery at 2305 E. 7th.

      Link: http://www.juaninamillion.com/

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        Juan in a Million was great when I went last weekend. The margaritas were $3 and tasty and the bean were the porkiest I've even had. PORKY.

      2. If you are downtown the answer is simple--Las Manitas on Congress.

        1. Angie's on East 6th or 7th -- just east of I-35.... I love the really thick corn tortillas.

          1. Las Manitas if you can get past the baby strollers.

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              Amaya's Taco Village..lot's of big Mexican families can't be wrong. Great handmade tortillas de maiz.

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                in my mind it starts and ends with las manitas