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Dec 11, 2013 09:06 AM

Where to buy little tea samplers (in bags) - like Stash Tea's mini sampler?

This year, I'm giving my co-workers a tiny gift basket containing a Legacy chocolate truffle, nuts, candy cane, and an instant hot beverage (tea, cocoa, cider, etc.).

I'm hunting for a store in Minneapolis or St. Paul that carries little samplers of tea, like Stash Tea's mini samplers:

I know that World Market has little jars of jam and individually packaged cookies and chocolates. But I don't think they have tea bags in small amounts (just big 'ol boxes).

Any ideas or sightings? Thanks!

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  1. Not exactly what you asked for, but you could buy empty bags and fill them with your favorite bulk tea:

    Or make your own if you're feeling extra crafty :

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    1. re: blue_skiesMN

      Nope, not interested in bulk tea or making my own tea bags. No time or space.

    2. World Market definitely has carried the small round tins that have 3 tea bags in them (Republic of Tea is the brand).

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      1. re: jaycooke

        Those three-bag tins sound perfect! Thank you so much for the information - I'll brave the freeways for a trip to World Market. Thanks!!!