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Dec 11, 2013 09:01 AM

Trinidadian Food

A warm, spicy, Trinidadian roti or goat stew hits the spot when it's chilly outside. What places in the DC/Arlington environs serve such cuisine? Do any of them offer some version of the traditional 'pumpkin punch'?

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  1. The Best Trini dish in the area is the polori with pickled tamarind sauce at Rita's on Georgia Ave. A true 5-star Chowhound delight. The rest of the food is strictly steam table stuff that is served at various stages of congeal - though it's not bad.

    If you are willing to substitute Jamaican, then the oxtail brown stew (you can get goat as well) at Pimento Grill is as good as eating gets. Far SE DC almost to PG County.

    1. I've heard good things about Teddy's Roti Shop on Georgia Ave (pretty far north in dc...close to Silver Spring). Doesn't seem to have pumpkin punch, though.

      1. Try Caribbean Corner in Old Town Fairfax. Have not tried their goat, but the oxtails and brown stew chicken are excellent.

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          FYI, Caribbean Corner is Jamaican, my report is linked below:

          Here is my report for Pimento Grill: