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Dec 11, 2013 08:19 AM

Pork tenderloin home cured to make 'ham'.....anyone done this?

I continue to drool over this picture:

Wondering if anyone has tried Tanis' recipe or done something similar? I am not a brining expert but I am going to try this as soon as I get a free couple of days to focus on cooking.

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  1. I've done it with pork loin to make "canadian bacon." It was good. I overcured it a bit so it ended up too salty, but simmering each slice in a little water helped draw out some of the excess salt. I haven't done that in a while I should, it was delicious.

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      Exactly. That is what Americans call "Canadian bacon," not "ham." I didn't read the recipe here, but curing a pork tenderloin is about the easiest intro to charcuterie I can think of.

    2. Thank you! That recipe goes on my must try this week list.

      1. Interesting. What happens if I cold smoke this piggy for a wee bit I wonder?

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          Smoked "Ham"
          Hot or Roast Smoking should work like a charm and at 200F or so it will cook fairly quickly.

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            I'll just wait a few months until the snow passes and then I'm going to try this.