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Dec 11, 2013 07:46 AM

Christmas hams

Hi all, and hope you're keeping warm!

We have family coming for Christmas and I'd like to buy a smoked or baked ham for Christmas Day. Where should we go? Kuby's comes to mind but I don't want to pay a fortune and have actually heard that Costco sells a good ham. Any tips?


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  1. I love Honeybaked hams the best but, they are pricy.

    I would definitely go with Costco or Kuby's.

    1. I find that Costco and Aldi have about the same quality of ham, which I find both to be extremely salty. If I were to buy either I would soak it in water for a couple of hours before baking to extract some of the salt.

      I have never had the hams at Ham I Am but they always get write ups on theirs about this time each year.

      Also other options woudl include most of the BBQ places. I know that Lockhart Smokehouse is selling holiday hams.