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Dec 11, 2013 07:36 AM

Where to find Singaporean, Malaysian, Southern Cantonese, Nonya cuisine in DFW?

Alright, I'm wiling to drive out a long distance. I've been given recommendations for what restaurants are 'authentic Chinese', but I wasn't able to access their menus. My girlfriend is from Singapore (and a generation back her family is from the southern part of China). She gave me names of a couple dishes, but I wanted to try a few on my own and then cook a dish for her as a surprise. Help?

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  1. Some more specifics would be useful. List some of the places that were recommended. What dishes are you interested in trying and making?

    Lion City Chinese Cafe @ Custer and Parker in Plano
    Asian Delights Cafe @ Custer and Parker in Plano

    Same intersection, two choices. Check the hours before you drive out. Lion City is more spartan, self serve water, cash only.

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      She keeps talking about some dish called "cold chicken" that she really likes. It has a dipping "sauce" on the side (ginger, oil, and spring onion I think). She said it takes a while to make but I've got a good kitchen.

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        Regarding the sauce you mention:

        First Chinese BBQ has a sauce just as you described called "ginger green onion sauce". It's served with either of their two types of (room temp) roast chicken. One is plain and light in color and one thats a brown color and has been marinated in Chinese soy sauce.

        We enjoy this sauce very much and have it along side many other dishes offered. Including their whole roast pig. Check out the pictures in the link listed below.

        The above mentioned pig and chickens all hang at a counter in the front window along with their fabulous BBQ roast ducks.

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          I'm 99% confident you're talking about Hainanese Chicken. You can get it at any of the Malay/Singaporean restaurants of which I think Secret Recipe is the best.

          As a side note, I made this dish for the first time recently and it's actually very easy. You boil a chicken with aromatics. Once that it's done, put the chicken in an ice bath and then use the chicken broth to cook the rice. Making the dipping sauce requires a blender but not much more.

          For Cantonese, I'm a big fan of Lucky City Chinese BBQ, specifically their wonton soup. But I think I've beaten that horse to death on this board already.

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            As Demigodh stated, it sounds like you are referencing Hainese Chicken Rice. I would highly recommend the recipe below as the food blogger below is originally from Penang, Malaysia. There are also other recipes that will woo over your girlfriend. Best place to buy ingredients IMO is Saigon Cali Supermarket in Garland at the NEC of Belt Line and Jupiter. You should be able to find all the ingredients there.

            As for the Malay/Singaporean restaurants I would rate Asian Delights a bit higher than Secret Recipe and Lion City. I have yet to try out the new place in Richardson that opened last week. The Curry Laksa, Beef Rendang, Roti Canai, Hokkien Lor Mee (not sure if they have this one yet) and Fish Head Curry seem to be my favorite at Asian Delights. When the same owner of Asian Delights had Blue Ginger everyone always loved the Hokkien Lor Mee especially on cold winter nights.

        2. The absolute best Cantonese in Dallas is First Chinese BBQ at Polk & Greenville in Richardson.
 Cash only!

          The best and most authentic Malaysian:

          Both are BYOB and, BYOG.


            They also offer a small Hong Kong menu separate from the main Cantonese menu.

            1. Which Chinese restaurant menus do you need? I have most of them