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Dec 11, 2013 07:25 AM

Looking for neighborhood restaurants in Firenze

Familiar with all the "popular" places. We will be staying close to the Arno out of the historic district. Will hit a few big names but we really like the small neighborhood places. Please advise if you are familiar with any. Grazie

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    1. Will you be staying east or west of "the historic district?" North or south of the Arno?

      1. We are thinking of either Hotel Silla, left bank San Niccolo area or Hotel Davanzati Via Porta Rossa. our trip is scheduled for June. Any input in either area would be appreciated.

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          Around San Niccolo there are a lot of cute places. I love Antica Mescita di San Niccolo; Fuoriporta and Zeb.

        2. All 3 below are in my part of town (Oltrarno... opposite side of the Arno from the tourist center), and all 3 tend to get a local crowd:

          Tratorria Ruggerio near Porta Romana (a hike but worth it)

          I'Brindellone (make sure you book well in advance... a local spot but very popular with them). Great for bistecca

          Antica Porta (best pizza in town... I've been to Gusta, Pizzaiuolo, etc and this kills them all IMHO)

          1. Thank you to all, specially Russian. Am looking forward to seeing Florence from this perspective. Anything else you can think of, please feel free to pass along

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              We like Ruggero and go a lot. If you go in June and go for dinner, 90% of the people will be speaking English.

              Ruggero is best at lunch as is for instance Sostanza.

              Vecchia Bettola is also in the Oltrarno. The last of the great Florentine trattorias (under the same ownership).