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Dec 11, 2013 06:53 AM

good BYOB near javitz?

does anyone have any ideas? My searches have been fruitless. I've found one or two but they are not very enticing options for group eating and drinking. I would prefer a beer bar, but that's probably not going to happen, so anywhere with solid food and good atmosphere will have to do.

I have a special beer (one 12 ounce bottle) that I'm sharing with friends, and that is the only reason why I'm limited to byob.

preferably as close to javitz as possible. I know that makes it extra difficult but chelsea, midtown, and even upper hell's kitchen is fine.

If I'm really out of options please feel free to suggest places further away but make sure they make up for it by being awesome.

thank you so much for the help!

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  1. i wonder what the alcohol policy at Gotham West Market would be. Several of the places serve alcohol and there's public seating throughout the market. I wonder if you could bring your own there.

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    1. re: coasts

      thanks for the suggestion. I may stop by there today and check out the situation. I've been meaning to have a look at that place anyway

      1. re: MotoEater

        Bump - has anyone found out about BYO at Gotham West?

    2. I am guessing that you are going to the IMS Motorcycle show. Maybe it's me but I have been going for many years and can't seem to find any decent restaurants close to Javitz.
      Has anything changed?
      Great news! Free Motorcycle parking on two of the side streets.

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      1. re: Motosport

        yup. I may have to herd a group together and walk to wherever we go which is why the proximity thing is an issue. Too far away and it becomes unwieldy.

        Yeah the area around javitz is obviously a complete desert like it always has been

      2. I live in the neighborhood so as a local here's three things that I would do:
        1. Larb Ubol thai on 9th and 37. Nothing better with cold beer than some spicy thai. Check the thread here on what to order - but you cant go wrong with chicken larb, crispy pork pad ped, and chicken with chinese brocccoli.
        2. Tulcingo on 10th and 47th - authentic taco joint and well worth the walk - order 3 carnitas tacos (per person) with a side of refried beans. Ask for some sliced fresh roasted halapenos and a side of of crema too. They havent invented a word to describe how delicious these are.
        3. Hallo Berlin is a German beer garden on 10th and 44th - kind of a local hang out place. No byob but they've got dozens of German beers on tap and in bottles. Order the bratwurst on a roll with a side of spaetzle. Yum

        Note - none of these places are all that big on "atmosphere" - it's about the food

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        1. re: west34

          Only #1 is BYOB. Latter two have licenses. (OP's request)

          1. re: thegforceny

            yes, the byob aspect is pretty important in this case. Otherwise, there are obviously many more options. I appreciate the suggestions though, thanks!

            1. re: MotoEater

              As it's just one beer and you're likely to order several others, couldn't you ask your top choice restaurant to make an exception?

              1. re: coasts

                I could, and I may, However, I feel that most places are pretty strict about that stuff