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Dec 11, 2013 03:44 AM

Italian Kitchen - Ardsley - gone?

I tried to make a reservation for Saturday. The Italian Kitchen website is still there, but when I clicked on reservation and it took me to Open Table, the name of the restaurant was L'inizio - and I was unable to make the reservation. When I called, no answer. Anyone have any info? This was one of my favorites....

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  1. WCG, I think you are referring to Italian Kitchen- Ardsley.
    Several months ago another hound attempted to make a reservation and nobody answered the phone, she called repeatedly. Never made the reservation... I haven't thought about it since then.

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    1. re: chowdom

      Drove by yesterday and saw the windows covered with something that gave the impression that it is closed.

      1. re: JohnAM

        I really wish I had known my last meal there would be my last meal there. It was great, as usual. How long did this place last - a year? I know Shea turned to other things but he had a good chef there, I wonder what happened.

    2. As Chowdom said, I tried to make reservations for lunch months ago, when their website advertised it. I finally spoke to someone about a week after that (during the dinner service) who said they discontinued their lunch service.

      Here is a little blurb in Time Out. It looks like they changed the name and there's another chef in the kitchen. Gallante is apparently still involved in the menu design, but the kitchen will be run by Abby de la Rosa.

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        Thanks. If she is the chef that has been there then the food will still be good - if it's open!!

        1. re: wincountrygirl

          I hope it still is open as I have yet to try it. If you happen to go Saturday, please let us know what's up.

        1. I had dinner there in October. After having 2 good dinners there earlier in the year, that dinner was not nearly as good. I definitely saw a decline in overall quality from the previous dinners that I had there.

          1. Looks like Italian Kitchen is gone and L'inizio is opening in it's place. Here's today's Rivertown Patch article about it.


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