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Dec 10, 2013 10:46 PM

Pot sticker people... have you gotten creative with your filling?

I've been making my own pot stickers. I make a big batch using won ton wrappers, then freeze. My grocer doesn't sell dumpling wrappers. I've tried making my own, but the won ton wrappers work fine & save me time & trouble. I was following Chinese recipes for my filling, then started getting creative. I must say in the future I'll stick with a tried & true recipe. The last time I used a combination of pork & shrimp. It simply was inferior in taste. My favorite real recipe to follow (so far) is Sohui Kim’s Pork-and-Chive Dumplings found here: I also make my own dipping sauce. Took me a long time to find that recipe. I give it 5 stars only because I can't give it 10. Do you have any pot sticker/dipping sauce stories?

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  1. Would love your dipping sauce recipe. Can you share?

    I have yet to make pot stickers or similar but I do have some wrappers in the freezer and several cookbooks.

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      dfrostnh, I found this recipe on a Chinese site (can't remember which one). It makes LOTS of sauce for one person with some to spare. Or make this and it will be just enough to serve 2 people.

      In a plastic bowl place:
      7 - tablespoons water
      1 - tablespoon soy sauce
      a dash of garlic powder
      1/4 - teaspoon molasses (or use 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar)
      a few drops of vinegar
      1/4 - teaspoon powdered beef bouillon (I use about 1/4 of a crushed beef bouillon cube)

      Heat this (the water, soy sauce, etc.) mixture in your microwave till it's hot, then set aside.

      In a small pot place:
      1 - tablespoon oil
      2 - tablespoons (white granulated) sugar
      4 - pieces of ginger (peel the ginger, then cut it into 4 thick coin shaped rings)

      Over medium heat cook the oil, sugar, ginger mixture till the sugar turns golden brown. You will need to stir this as it cooks. It takes some time for the sugar to start to brown.

      When the sugar has browned slightly, add the hot water/soy sauce mixture to the pot. Be careful. It splatters and makes a lot of noise when you add the water. Continue to cook over medium heat and stir. You will feel the sugar on the bottom of the pan, but it will dissolve. Once the sugar has dissolved, lower heat & let it simmer for 5 minutes. Strain & serve.

      I have had sauce left over and placed it in the refrigerator to use the following day. It does not taste as good the next day. So I now make a fresh batch each time I have dumplings.

      1. re: i_am_Lois

        Thank You! I also appreciate your cooking tips and advice that the sauce tastes best fresh.

        I did go thru my recipes for ideas.

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          Woah! I'm not that patient....i do mostly soy sauce, finely chopped green onion, a splash of sesame oil and a splash of mirin or rice wine vinegar.

      2. The last ones I made were shrimp, water chestnuts and chives, which I did in won ton wrappers.

        Time before that was minced chicken with garlic, ginger and edamame (cut up, but not minced) in gyoza wrappers.

        For the dip, I am very boring *ahem* classical - soy and vinegar, sometimes a little chilli oil in there if I make bland dumplings.

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        1. re: ultimatepotato

          ultimatepotato I never tried using chicken or edamame. How did that turn out? It sounds interesting. Which wrappers did you prefer? The won ton or gyoza?

          1. re: i_am_Lois

            I cooked and cooled the chicken before I assembled, and they turned out well - I'd definitely use finely chopped leftover chicken as a shortcut in the future.

            I find that I usually like the gyoza wrappers slightly more for the end result in terms of taste and texture, but the won ton wrappers easier to work with.

        2. This week:

          ground pork
          rice vinegar
          soy sauce

          Tasted like the Chinese restaurant.

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          1. re: melpy

            Yummy sounding. I like to use a lot of cabbage in mine. Lots of work shredding it, par boiling it, draining & squeezing water out. Do you go through all that work with your cabbage melpy?

            1. re: i_am_Lois

              you can buy angel slaw in bags in the salad section. finely shredded cabbage. that's my shortcut.

          2. Just made some this weekend. Only pork, mushrooms aka tree ear fungus, and a little bit of onion. All I had for the dipping sauce was soy sauce and sambal oelek mixed together.

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            1. re: vttp926

              I never heard of sambal oelek . I had to look it up. I see it's something like a chili sauce. Is it HOT? I like chili that has a kick but not a lot of heat. I love those tree ear fungus mushrooms. I especially like them in moo shu.

            2. No, I buy Jiǎozi at Trader Joe's or at a Chinese grocery.