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Bo-Beau La Mesa

Since I seem to be spending a lot of time in La Mesa these days I thought I'd report in on Bo-Beau East. It's good and I think, or at least I hope, it will last.

It is - and always has been - an awkward space. Bo Beau makes the best out of a bad lay out, lots of wood and metal but comfortable and surprisingly warm ambiance. It is noisy, but conversation was not impossible and we didn't have to yell across the table.

Was amused by the wine by the glass menu listing the selections by "cheap", "decent", "good" and "very good". That said the wines by the glass provided pretty much something for everyone. $6-12 range per glass.

We only tried 3 dishes. The infamous crispy Brussels sprouts with pancetta, parmesan and balsamic port reduction. Two big thumbs up on this appetizer. My sister and I shared it and even ended up bringing some home. When was the last time you could say Brussels sprouts was a big part of your dinner ;-)

We also tried the flat bread with chicken, potatoes, goat cheese and a couple other things. The flat bread was a bit greasy, but the pizza itself was pretty good, I'd order it - or one of it's brother flatbread pizzas again.

We split the pumpkin bread pudding for dessert. It came with a compote of dried winter fruits in a light caramel and some spiced whipped cream. Great seasonal dessert.

We liked everything we had. The apps and flatbreads are a good size for sharing, as was the dessert.

1 glass of wine (Malbec) a cocktail (Manhattan), the Brussels sprouts, flatbread pizza and dessert came to a bit over $58 with tax but before tip, or about $30 per person.

We liked it. I'll be back

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  1. Thank you DD! Since Bo Beau is on our end of the county we will probably try it. Also, sending good thoughts for your Mom. I was in your shoes a few years ago when my Grandmother's health declined rapidly. I spent several days back and forth to Grossmont.

    I can recommend the Starbucks at the mall for hilariously bad coffee, but hilariously exceptional people watching.

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      I know that particular Starbucks :-) and you're right! I usually stop at the one on Fletcher Parkway between Petco and Office Depot.

      Yes, we definitely liked Bo-Beau and want to see some stability on that corner. If Mario's and Johnny B's can stay in business over the long haul at that end of LM Blvd, then it would seem that a restaurant in that location should be able to sustain itself too.

    2. Look forward to trying it over the holidays. .

      1. My wife and I tried them about 1 month ago. She liked it better than I did, but we both were dissapointed with the rushed service. Will definitely go back, but we will just order at our own pace. Cocktails, then order appetizer, when done with that, order entrees.

        We actually do this just about everywhere since most places seem to run on their own schedule rather than our schedule.

        1. Going tonight with friends. What dishes are not to be missed?

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            * The brussels sprouts appetizer (but skip the cauliflower app, it's not bad, just a little flat)

            * The flatbread pizzas are pretty good, especially to share.

            We've had pretty good luck with the apps

            * If the pork shank is still on the menu, it's good.
            * Hamburger has all kinds of crazy stuff on it. It's big and messy. I actually prefer the burger across the street at Johnny B's, easier for me to eat.
            * The fried chicken was good
            * Skip the vegetarian casserole entree, a muddled mess

              1. re: DiningDiva

                Glad this thread popped back up. We met some out-of-town friends that stay with the wife's mother nearby so we suggested BB for dinner. Not to "yuck your yum", but my husbands's fried chicken was some of the worst I have ever had. A couple of tiny, boneless chicken thighs for $20 something bucks? And they were overcooked and dried out to nothingness. Really? How do you do that to chicken thighs? Mussels, quesadillas for kids - all meh. Won't be back.

                1. re: y6y6y6

                  Thanx! I glanced at the menu and they caught my eye.

                  1. re: y6y6y6

                    Duck fries are ALWAYS awesome. If we are talking about sliced potatoes fried in duck fat. ALWAYS.

                    1. re: Tripeler

                      This version is actually more like a poutine. Our dining companion actually ordered a second one for dessert.

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                        You choose your dining companions well. Very well indeed.

                2. Thank you all! We had the Brussels Sprouts, the Pork Belly flatbread, and the BBQ chicken flatbread. All delicious. The service was attentive, efficient, and friendly. We were a difficult trio to wait on, as we were deeply engaged in conversation and ordered food in a random manner, but he got it right. I'll go back with my husband.

                  1. Dear Bo Beau- tonight was my third time in your room, but my first as a single diner. Please consider the following:

                    1. Your burger, though delicious, is large and needs to be served on a PLATE, not a teeny tiny board, requiring me to move my food around to the plate already on the table.

                    2. A tiny table in a corner is just that, a tiny corner table. It's obvious you crammed it there. Dining there is annoying.

                    3. You have servers that know how to approach a table with a calm, professional demeanor. Keep them. As for the "used car salesperson" servers that talk at volume ten million (HIYEEEE! How. ARE you?????), you can send them back to cheer camp.


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                    1. re: Dagney

                      Where'd they put you? I'd dined there alone and I usually end up at one of the two-tops in the bar along the front window.

                      I agree about their burger being awfully big. Last time I ordered it tho' it came on a dinner plate. I wonder why that changed.

                      1. re: DiningDiva

                        There is a room to the left of the front door. I was seated at a two top table, which was located, quite literally, in a corner. There was a larger table (for 6) directly next to me.

                        I enjoy dining alone, but it's always a bit of a test...will eyes be rolled? will I be seated in a corner? will I be upsold to within an inch of my life? etc...What I should have done is asked for a different table instead of bitching about it here, but for the love of Jehovah, why seat a customer at a crappy table? I was there at 5pm, the place was half empty, how about a pleasant table? And the burger on a board? Really? Plates people. It's a huge, messy, entree. It needs to be served on a plate.

                        I am in a cross mood in general this week, so I am seeing everything without the benefit of my usual upbeat self, but still....harumph.

                        1. re: Dagney

                          I definitely think you should have asked for a different table. If after asking none were available, then fine, if you're determined to eat there. I always say: "They can't say 'no' if you don't ask".

                          I dine alone most of the time, but in many places, I end up at fantastic tables. I'm just politely and appropriately assertive as necessary if I don't like the table they point to.

                          1. re: DoctorChow

                            Next time I will. I enjoy their food, and the service is mostly good, though tonight I had some gal fresh from Learning To Speak Loud and Hyper 101.

                              1. re: Fake Name

                                Possibly...I'm not sure, the volume was so loud I had to close my eyes and roll up in a fetal position.

                          2. re: Dagney

                            I know that 2-top. I've refused it at least once :-)

                            I really like eating in their bar area when I'm alone. Sometimes at the high tables, sometimes at the bar. The tables along the front windows I think they save for walk-ins