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Oct 10, 2005 05:41 PM

Lola or Local in Dallas?

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First time in Dallas--we want to have a nice celebration dinner. Have read good things about both restaurants. Which should I choose? I mean Lola the restaurant, not the Tasting Room.

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    1. re: Naughty Lola

      I second the nomination...Lola.

    2. Lola if you want fancy. Local if you want funky. You can't go wrong.

      1. Ate last Friday night at Lola the Restaurant and it was fabulous as usual. Can't go wrong there.

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          Mike C. Miller

          Both are very good. I must say, like the other posters, that I prefer Lola. This is especially true if you're a wine drinker. Lola's list is very deep and incredibly well priced, with some older offerings below current retail pices. Plus there's something for everyone. Owner Van Roberts has everything from Grand Cru Burgundy and first growth Bordeaux, to a section of the wine list called Twenty$omething -- intersting and good wines for under $30. List is on line at

          That being said, Local is very good. If wine is not a big attraction, the food there is very close to, or as good, as Lola. I might give Lola a very slight nod on the food, but they are close enought that it comes down to a question of individual tastes. Local is also a bit more casual, although Lola is not stuff or formal at all. However, Local's wine list, while good, isn't even in the same ballpark as Lola's.

          Finally, if you're not a wine drinker, the third restaurant that you should consider is York Street. Again, a good wine list, although I generally prefer Local's list. But not at all in the same ballpark as Lola. However, I'd rate the food here a half notch above either Lola or Local. Sharon Hage is the best cook working in Dallas right now, IMHO. Wonderful, fresh, seasonal ingredients, simply, but well prepared.

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          1. re: Mike C. Miller

            I agree that Sharon Hage is one of the very best chefs in Dallas. That's one of the reasons she's nominated for the James Beard Foundation's Best Chef-Southwest year after year...

          2. Lola is probably the best restaurant in Dallas for the money. Food is consistently excellent and the wine list is superb, as well as very reasonably priced. Besides, at Lola you don't have to worry about having to deal with any of the nut cases in Deep Ellum, which from time to time can be quite unpleasant.