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Me Va Me opening downtown

Me Va Me Express is opening in January 2014 where Spring Rolls used to be on Queen West, across from MuchMusic. Say what you want about Me Va Me, but it's definitely better than the Ghazale's and Ali Baba's that are all over downtown.

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  1. Ah, I saw the sign but I had NO idea what type of food it was from the name.

    Here is the website for the Thornhill locations:


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      They are super well known in the North York/Richmond Hill area for their two outposts in the area. Their sit down restaurant offers more choices in food that the site has (site is takeout only). Personal favs are the grilled lamb (skewers) and the Jerusalem mix (chicken/liver/heart)

    2. Thank you! I love their hummus and their salad.
      that's the best news I've heard all day.
      And I agree, way better than Ghazale & Ali Baba.
      I hope they open one near Bloor & Bathurst too.

      1. I'm not sure if anyone else thought that they were kosher, but a quick check of the COR website shows that they aren't.

        Not that it really matters, but it would be nice to have a kosher restaurant south of Eglinton.

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        1. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I LOVE ME VA ME !! Couldn't enjoy them because all their branches are so far away from where I live so I'm truly so excited!

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            Has anybody noticed if they are open? It's awful cold to walk over and check.... :)

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              totally not. it doesn't seem like there is much work being done in there. i could be wrong. but not much has changed.

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                  i've been wondering as well. i'll pass by on my way to or from work tomorrow and see if anything is going. will give you guys an update.

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                    swung by mevame over lunch and passed that pai too while enjoying the tropical heat. windows still papered up at mevame, but the lights were on and there were a couple of guys inside. pai had a couple of construction lights on but not much action. they are both months behind schedule. hopefully just a case of pre-mcconnaisance failure to launch rather than non-openings.

                    ok. back to work.  plans to clock out early to see wes anderson's grand budapest hotel and then maybe grab a late dinner at ryoji if time permits. just need to avoid my boss for another hour.

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              AWESOME! Can't wait to try their food, thanks for the update

            2. Open - how do i delete my comment....

              1. I went on Saturday night. I thought the food was really good/fresh tasting.

                One of the issues is the way the line up works because it is right in front of the door and there isn't much room for it to move along the counter to the door. I am not sure what they do during the busy lunch rush. It wasn't even that busy on Saturday night at around 6:30pm but the service was a bit slow (more concerned about the time it took me to order vs. the time it took me to get my food).

                The staff was friendly though, the manager seemed genuinely interested in people's feedback. There looked to be like one guy from head office or whatever just standing around observing how things were going so hopefully they get a system down pack to speed things up.

                I had a grilled chicken breast wrap and ordered a mini skewer of beef (two pieces of beef) on the side.

                Now my meal worked out to around $13 with tax. Some people might say the value isn't there/it is too pricey but I enjoyed the food and I was definitely full after it. Compare this to my recent meal at Rose City Kitchen, I enjoyed the food but for the same amount of money spent I wasn't full (i.e. 3 wraps).

                I like the order at the counter approach, they call out your number on the speaker and you can go customize your wrap. The decor inside is pretty modern/clean.

                1. It's open now, 11-11 every day I'm pretty sure. I really enjoyed it myself both times I've been, far better than any other shawarma I've had in the area. Ends up being around 10 bucks for one, but really it's comparable to the size of two at most places. Very reasonable to share, though I'm not sure if they'd cut it for you. Compares most closely with Dr. Laffa, and though I've only tried the latter once, I actually prefer Me Va Me - bread isn't quite as good, but the toppings are more seasoned. Love the red cabbage, though in the future I'm going to ask for no lettuce in the interest of making the size a bit more manageable. I think lettuce is superfluous on a wrap with cabbage anyway.

                  Not sure why, i took it take-out from the restaurant to my place both days (maybe 3-5 minute walk), and the first day it was perfect, the second day it was kind of cold. Partly my own fault for taking it away, I'm sure it would have been better had I eaten in, but I feel like maybe the chicken and bread were not quiiiite as hot to start with the second time. Anyway, still delicious, and will be my go-to shawarma in the area.