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Dec 10, 2013 05:06 PM

Grocery shopping on Maui

Hello all,
We are looking forward to our visit to Maui in March!
We will be arriving on a Wednesday night at 6:35pm, renting a car, and heading to our vacation rental in Hana.
Will there be any grocery stores open at that time? How about Costco? Ideally we would like to stock up on groceries before we make the 2 hour drive.
I also love farmer's markets and bakeries... Any can't- miss places on Maui?
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Costco is open to 8:30. There's a Whole Foods in Kahului that's open til 9pm. There's also a WalMart that's open later -- til 11, I think, but you could check their store locator to be sure.

    I'm not normally a fan of WalMart but everything is so expensive on Maui, that I tend to suck it up and shop there just because the prices are more in line with what we pay back home.

    1. I'm with Jacquilynne on the expensive part. I nevertheless go to the Whole Foods in Kahalui for meat, produce, cheese, wine and such because I like the quality and I can sort of justify the expense by saying I am on vacation after all, and I'm still spending a lot less on groceries to cook for myself at my vacation rental than I would if I were staying at a hotel and eating out every meal. But then I do go to the CVS next door to Whole Foods for basics like bottled water and soda and the sundries like paper towels, ziplock bags, aluminum foil, etc. that I find I always need at a vacation rental.

      In terms of farmers' markets and bakeries, Hana is pretty far away from the areas of Maui that I'm familiar with, but if you're around Kahalui on a Saturday morning the swap meet is worth a visit. Yes, it has a lot of the touristy junk that I think of when I hear swap meet, but also some decent (and cheap) produce, nice baked goods, and a woman who makes her own tea blends that I really wish I had bought more of.

      1. Lucky you!!!

        How long are you staying in Hana? Although I haven't been to this location, I would likely choose to stop at Whole Foods to provision up. That or we have done so at Foodland and Safeway. Costco and Walmart would not work for me for a one stop shopping trip to provision special home cooked meals in Hana.

        Driving to Hana in the dark will be quite the adventure! As well as arriving and finding your rental. Make sure they leave outdoor and indoor lights on for your arrival. Always good to bring a flashlight in your luggage!

        Oh how I envy you. It's been far too long since I've laid my head to rest in Heavenly Hana.

        1. Have you done the road to Hana before? It's a narrow and winding road with lots of vegetation, which is best enjoyed in the daylight. I can't imagine starting on it after 8 p.m..-- or maybe I can because I live on that type of road. A better plan might to stay overnight closer to the airport and do the shopping and driving the road to Hana next day. Mama's Fish House in Paia, which is on the way to Hana, would be a perfect spot to enjoy a great dinner and they have some rentals too.

          1. Lots of produce stands & bakeries on Maui but why stay in Hana? Hana is quite remote. Maui is easy to get around except for the road to Hana with its one lane bridges and blind curves...and that road will be clogged with tourists during the day.

            I would recommend changing your lodging to West Maui or South Maui for your trip if you want to be close to farmers markets & bakeries & groceries & restaurants.

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              I would suggest you don't listen to the previous post. Clearly if Suzie knows to provision up, she knows what she is getting into. Hana is wonderful. I've been blessed to stay there a few times. It is one of my favorite places to visit in all the islands. I've only stayed there 3 nights at a time. Next time I hope to spend at least a week.

              Provision up, and take the drive slowly. Be aware of your high beams and click them off as necessary. By then traffic will have mostly passed. Just make sure to pull over for the locals that know the road like the back of their hand. Hana does have better provisions then a few years ago. So if you forget something, Ask locally if there are any boats fishing, and meet them for a fresh catch.

              I love driving the road, so when we stay a week or more we will likely head to Haillimaile General Store and Paia and provision up if necessary. Just go against the blue book tourist train traffic.

              1. re: Bellachefa

                Just pointing out how the request for "can't miss farmers markets and bakeries in Maui" might not work so well if Hana is your home base. I'm not sure how familiar OP is with Maui and how much driving they want to do. Perhaps they are only spending a few nights there and switching venues later on to elsewhere on Maui.

                Looking at her previous posts, first visit to Hawaii was earlier this year, to Oahu's North Shore.

                1. re: kathryn

                  yes, OP is either very familiar with Maui or a bit naive: I'd more than happily spend a week in Hana but I wouldn't expect any 'can't miss' bakeries, nor would I be driving around the island to find them with Hana as a base. I was last there in 2010, but local food was not the highlight. Want to go back anyway, and yes, for a week next time.

                  Assuming that OP will in fact stock up and enjoy what Hana does has to offer (or doesn't mind long drives to get food), I like Foodland. Great poki. Good fish selection. There is one in Kahului, open until 11 pm, per their website.

                  Speaking of fish, while I didn't see this in Hana, there was a recent post here that mentioned buying fish from local fishermen, so would be worth keeping an eye out. However, several local food stands were closed when I was there, and I had the impression that several were seasonal, as in open only at high tourist season times. No idea if that would include March.