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Dec 10, 2013 04:57 PM

Lebanon Bologna in CT? (Via Lancaster, PA)

I just got back from a short trip to Lancaster, PA/Amish Country. While there, I picked up some Lebanon (pronounced Lebnin) bologna (per a CH-er suggestion on PA board), and now I'm hooked. Nothing like Wonderbar, more of a salami or smoked sausage, terrific for snacking or on a cheese board. Anyone know of any place in CT who may carry it?

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  1. Don't know where you are in CT, but make a visit to The Karl Ehmer store on Federal Rd in Danbury.

    Ehmer is one of the last old time German American Pork deli producers. While they don't show Lebanon Bologna on theior website they have many varieties of housemade German style bologna that would be similar to that made and sold in PA.

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    1. re: bagelman01

      Ehmer is one of the best, I love their Krakauer, Head Cheese and Goose Liverwurst.
      Sadly my favorite, Toungue Salad is no longer made.
      I grew up only a few blocks away and on my way to school from their store in Woodside. I used to get my marzipan fix there.

      1. re: chefstu

        Agree with you about tongue salad. Tongue being my favorite cut of meat/offal.

        Back in the 1980s I had to be in Europe on business every other week. I'd come back thru customs and they'd marvel that the only thing on my declaration was 2 kilos of Marzipan from Lubeck.

    2. According to their website, Shop Rite of Manchester, Norwich, Enfield and Bristol carry 5 different brands Lebanon Bologna.

      1. Fresh Market in Avon has Seltzer's Lebanon. I can confirm that the Bristol Shop Rite does have a brand of Lebanon I hadn't seen before and it was good. The Unionville Stop and Shop has Boar's Head Lebanon and the Southington Shop Rite has Dietz and Watson Lebanon. The Boar's Head version is not as good as the others though.

        1. Geisslers in Granby, CT, has Kunzler's lebanon bologna. I get this when I can't find Seltzers.